Monday, March 10, 2008

Community Meeting About Truman Parking Garage

Below is the response an Uptown Update reader got from Ald. Shiller's staff about the parking garage to be built at Truman College.

If TIF funds are paying for this, we're wondering how a new community college garage is expected to aid in revitalizing the retail situation in the 46th Ward. We also wonder why this information isn't posted on the alderman's web site, and if the community meeting will be held at a time when the majority of the community's residents will be able to attend.

Hello Ms. XXXXX,

Thank you for your email.

There is a community meeting being planned for the week of the 17th. I will email you with the specific details once everyone is confirmed. If you do not hear from me by the end of the week, feel free to send me another email as a reminder.


Michilla Blaise
City Services Coordinator
46th Ward Service Office of Alderman Helen Shiller


  1. We should not have blank walled garages extending for blocks. That is what we were told we would not have at Aldi's, that is what Shiller's campaign literature pictured we would not get, and that is what was cheap development was substituted in the end.

    Chicago's new design standards are supposed to be for underground garages. Why can't they did a hole?

  2. I'm thinking Michilla just got in trouble with Helen for letting you know about this meeting. Well maybe people will forget.

  3. People will forget what? That there's possibly a meeting, some time between the 17th and the 21st?

    Unless, of course, it gets rescheduled.


    I hope the sender of that email will follow up with us and let us know if they get a time/date for the meeting. If not, we all should send emails to Shiller's office asking for details.

  4. Isn't the Kinetic Playground event on the 19th? I hope this isn't a conlfict, as I'd like to attend both.

  5. Nice. A dark, enclosed space where even more sleezebags in cars can have sex. As if the Truman parking lot weren't bad enough!

  6. That's odd. I just got a 46th Ward e-Newsletter and there was no mention made of a community meeting about this. Do you think Helen forgot?

    Helen has to hate this blog.

  7. She claims she doesn't read blogs because they are full of hate. What I see here are decent people (sometimes angry) who are searching for answers, information, honesty, transparency and others who feel the same. If she hates this blog it is because she hates it when people come together to create change in their community.