Sunday, March 2, 2008

CAPS Beat 2311 Meeting, March 4 At 7pm

Folks, you know the drill. We need everyone to attend the CAPS meeting this Tuesday, March 4 at 7pm in the room off to the side of the cafeteria at Truman College. There will be representatives from HRC (Housing Resource Center) to discuss with residents the proper course of action to report problem-buildings to the HRC. Please spread the word and bring your neighbors. Let your voice be heard! Also we are reminded to call 911 when you see anything suspicious as many complaints are made about buildings in Sheridan Park, but there are relatively few 911 calls in relation to that.


  1. I can't go but would someone ask about the recent attempted child abductions? I'd like to have the officers characterize how often this kind of thing occurs & if they feel as if the perps might be coming into this neighborhood in order to try to victimize children. Thanks!

  2. Come one, come all, if you really want to see the CHA folks clean up their problem buildings and tenants. Think Magnolia Street. Think no more gang bangers hanging out, think Sunnyside mall.

    If we don't hold the CHA responsible, then shame on us. This should be an overflow crowd.

  3. Everyone is responsible for GETTING there and asking their OWN questions.

  4. HI -

    I did not write the last post ..but I will add....If you can not make the meeting, there will be no "asking questions for you."

    I get this every month and if something is a high enough concern, I expect you to either be there to ask the question or to call sgt haggerty on your own time and ask him. He is at the 23rd district. Their number is on the web. Or you can call 311 to get it.

    There is a general sense in uptown that everyone else is working to make it better. A sense that complaining on the message board will make things better. This isn't true. It's YOU we are waiting on to come to the meeting to help us.

    From jami the 2311 caps facilitator

  5. Jami-
    We would be more than happy to post the number for Sgt. Haggerty. We did not see it on the 23rd District website. If you can get that, we will gladly post it.

  6. Hello all -

    The 23rd district's # is (312)744-8320

    This is the number you can use to call Sgt Haggerty if you have information you think the Beat Sergeant could benefit by knowing about (although FIRST call 911).

    Or, you can call him if you have a question on a crime ..for instance a drug bust..or something you saw/heard about after the fact that you want to know more about... that specifically happened in Sheridan Park.

    (If your question is broader than Sheridan Park, please just call that main number and you can speak to the person who answered the phone.)

    Sgt Haggerty is the beat sergeant for Sheridan park - which is from broadway to clark and from lawrence to montrose.

    He works 7-3 and many times when you call this number he is out in the field - but he will return your call.

    You can also call this number and ask to talk to community policing. They also can answer many questions and refer you to the right people to talk to. You can ALWAYS remain anonymous if need be.

    One more thing - if you have information on a location that you feel is doing something illegal (selling drugs, etc)..there is a gang/drug information sheet you can fill out that can be passed along to Sgt Haggerty as well as the 23rd district Housing coordinator - Meg Gillman.

    If anyone needs a copy of this, please email me at and I give it to you and let you know who to send it to.

    The benefit of filling this out is that it is logged at the station and they are required to follow up on it (More being done than just a phone call alone). I encourage you to do both - Call Haggerty and fill out this form.

    As you can see from my posts - I highly encourage you to make your voice heard to the police and come to the CAPS meeting -whatever beat you live in.

    I can not tell you how many people want others to ask questions for them..want me to solve their problems for them, etc.

    Those that get the problems solved are the ones that come to the beat meetings regularly, call 911 when there is a problem, work with CAPS on getting things solved, etc.

    The problems we have here aren't solved by complaining on a message board. Nor are they usually solved by attending one beat meeting (although some are).

    We are all responsible for working together.... please help with the solution. Plus, you may meet some nice neighbors as we have many of the same people every month.

    Hope to see you tomorrow 3/4 at the caps meeting at truman at 7 PM.

    Jami the 2311 caps facilitator

  7. Jami, I totally understand your not wanting to be the one person asking questions. I appreciate your sharing the information on contacting the 23rd directly.

    But I have to say, in defense of people who can't come to CAPS meetings, it isn't always possible. For 18 years I worked second shift and wasn't able to make evening community events. It didn't mean I don't care and don't do everything I can to help with this community.

    Thank you for all your efforts in making your beat meeting a success and for posting the information on how those who genuinely can't come to the meetings can get answers.

    And now that I'm not working that shift, I'll be there tomorrow evening.

  8. For this to work, it cannot be a hostile environment at CAPS. It's not an "us against them" but an "all of us together" approach that will work.

    It's important to be respectful of everyone coming together to help resolve the problem. Finger pointing will not work. Never has, never will.

    I am a huge believer in CAPS. If tension takes over, NOTHING gets accomplished.

  9. I've been to a few Beat 2311 CAPS meetings since moving to Uptown this past year, and I wholly support Jami. There are always the same people there, and honestly not nearly as many as I'd expect or hope. When there is poor turnout, it looks like only a few people are agitating about problems in the neighborhood.

    It's kind of like voting - if you don't participate, it looks like nobody is really bothered and you can't expect things to change.

    I understand about work schedules, child care, and so forth...but PLEASE try to show up - and consider putting it on your calendar way ahead (first Tuesday evening of every month), so it's an appointment you would keep like any other. Many of us probably spend more than an hour each month being upset about things happening in the neighborhood, so if you can spend time blogging about problems, you can also make the time to stand up for your neighborhood.

    And I agree - if you just come and scream at CHA, nothing will get accomplished and you will just look as if you're falling into the 'us vs. them' trap. It needs to be constructive. Many of the people in the rental buildings are working poor who don't like the few neighbors who are harboring felons either.

    Hope to see many more of you there!

  10. Hi. I hope the meeting went well. I only asked about the kids because I live in the 48th ward and your meeting is before our next CAPS meeting. I hope someone shares similar concerns and felt compelled to ask. If not, I will ask at my meeting.

  11. It was my first CAPS meeting and it was an interesting experience. To Anon 6:52, really the only topics that were discussed were talking with a representative from HRC, and a person from Voices of Chicago. THe discussion with Voice sof Chicago ran overtime, so all new business was asked to be addressed after the meeting with Sgt. Haggerty.

  12. The Caps meeting on Tuesday was very successful. Yes, as the posts above indicate...we did have both a representative from HRC and the Voice of the people there to address residents concerns. We are looking into how the best way is to relay the info they provided us to the rest of the community ..please stay tuned on this...

    Yes (in response to the last poster), new business was tabled until after the meeting- but given that 99% of the past 6 month CAPS meeting questions in Sheridan Park were related to these HRC and Voice of the People buildings, I was happy with the outcome of these meetings.

    While the property manager of HRC HAS met with me, the residents needed to have face time with them . Same with Voice of the People. It's been years since residents who live by these buildings in question have face time with these property managers. They needed this time to ask their questions and explain their frustrations and hear the property managers responses on what they are doing to try to address these concerns.

    And we are very happy HRC and Voice of the people came--it is the beginning of a relationship we hope to have with them to make things better. And, it sets the tone in a public place that they are committed to helping ... and we will all be watching to make sure this is all followed through.

    We know the problems these buildings have are not solved..this will take time. But we're at a good starting place...And we have a plan on where we want to go with this.

    Again, in response to the last poster - if there was new business you didn't get to discuss for some reason and you didn't stay after to talk to us in person, please contact Sgt Haggerty at the 23rd district or email me at We will find time to talk to you - that is not a problem. We WANT to hear what's going on me! So, please tell! We only have those police for 1 short hour once a month in that setting..but we can stay as late as you want after the meeting to talk ..or talk to you at another time or location.

    On a last note (in response to Truman Square Neighbor above)...I understand people have to work - but I have a hunch that "having to work" for most of the people who give me that "excuse" aren't 2nd shift employees. They are just busy people such as me that work takes their first priority - but if caps was a little more of a priority than closer to the bottom of their things to do, they could change their schedule SLIGHTLY to make it to these meetings. that I've said that... If you have to work and can't come to the caps meeting, you can do other things... There are other still get involved and help us and do your part. Email me at

    Again, as always...If you have a question you want answered, call Sgt Haggerty or Irma Perez in Community Policing and they'll get your question answered.

    If your question is good stuff - you can post it on the board as you are prob not the only person with that question.

    jami the 2311 caps facilitator

    P.s. nobody I have talk to has heard about these attempted child maybe anonymous above could tell more on that once they find out the answer.

  13. The police know about these two attempted abductions. They (the police) have flyers on the stores on Wilson (see the Subway front door) and they have special patrols stationed by the schools in the afternoon when school lets out. How can they not know anything about them?

  14. Every time I see the Housing Resource Center staff I can't help but remember that Shiller gave them our Ward owned service office and real estate lot so that they could build their swanky office at
    4429 N. Clifton Avenue.

    Meanwhile our 46th Ward street sweeping garbage gets hauled to an open dumpster out by the dog beach and our Ward Superintendent in unaccessbile in the social service agency highrise at 4750 N. Sheridan.

    No other Ward Service offices are run this way. I hope Hull House's Housing Resource Center enjoys our tax payer contributed digs.

  15. 6 degrees of Separation:

    And the 4429 N Clifton Housing Resource Center Office space we "donated" to the scattered site management cause is next to the Communinity Housing Partner's low income housing unit remodeling cause our TIF dollars just funded. (And the 4431 N Clifton low income housing units are the mates to the overflowing dumpters units being remodeled at 927 West Wilson and 900 West Windsor collectively called Uptown Preservation Apartments)

    And the Clifton properties are next to the Wilson Yard low-very low, and very-very low income highrises Peter Holsten is building in Wilson Yards, using our diverted TIF real estate tax dollars, of course.

    You would think that for all our real estate tax payer dollars going to fund these non-taxpaying causes they would make absolutley sure crime was.... ah hell no.

  16. i didn't mean the police didnt, - I just didn't hear about them. But now I have. thanks