Saturday, March 22, 2008

Broadway And Wilson, Mid 1910's

Here's another rare view of Broadway and Wilson in the mid 1910's. The building on the right is the lower-level Wilson station. The tracks you see (where the current day McJunkin now stands) are heading north a bit then curved around and headed back to the south. On the top left, you can see the upper-level Wilson station house that was also later demolished. You can also see the Frank Lloyd Wright designed "Stohr Arcade" in the middle of the photo. It was later demolished to build the present day Wilson L station. The lovely 4 story building on the corner that stood where "City Sports" now stands is also visible on the top right.
(photo from: Krambles-Peterson Archive)


  1. I really like that you are sharing these old pictures, UU. That Wilson EL book was a nice gift to yourself (and us)! :)

    If anyone has the inclination, it would be cool for someone to recreate the same shots so that we could look at them side by side. And, seeing how valuable these old photos are to us now, I am wondering if anyone in the Uptown Historical Society/Chicago Historical Society could weigh in with how they might like to receive recent photos and documents about Uptown?

  2. Saskia
    I don't think this particular photo would work for that since the vantage point would be in the present day McJunkin building.
    We will be posting some more that we do have present day photos to compare. It's a real eye-opener. Stay tuned. Also, make sure to order the Wilson L magazine we mentioned.

  3. The Uptown Motto in 1910:

    All rails lead to Target.

  4. golf clap. another great shot.