Monday, March 24, 2008

Breaking News - Melee At The Wilson L

We hear....

Today a huge group fight broke out at the Wilson CTA EL stop, 4620 North Broadway, and also on the Wilson Platform at 4:25 PM. Police were called in, plus backup was called to the location by on-scene police. This may disrupt the evening commute.


  1. I saw one of the cops put a black male teenager in a car. I thought someone had robbed the popeyes. Must have been at least 15 cop cars. I got off the train at 4:15 or so and this appeared to be happening on the corner of Wilson and Broadway not on the CTA platform.

  2. my girlfriend was on her way to work. said she saw 6 cop cars and 3 ambulances. the cops wouldn't let her get on the train at wilson so something must have happened on the platform. i was there when a similar fight broke out about 1 1/2 weeks ago. wilson red line sucks...

  3. Too bad Huberman wasn't there to break it up. I hear he takes crap from no one on the train!