Tuesday, March 11, 2008

46th Ward Zone Committees Make Democracy Work...In 1989

This was the last known sighting of a 46th Ward Zoning Committee Meeting. Click the image above for a trip down memory lane.


  1. "The people who are most effected should have the most input."

    My, my how times have changed. I guess the way she gets around the fact that she has completely abandoned her ideals of local voices in local decisions is to just deny that anything has any effect. The logic goes like this Labor Ready [or insert your issue here] will not have an adverse effect on local residents, traffic flow, pedestrians, school children, or local institutions. Since no one will be affected, no one should have any input.

    It is not idiotic, it is WICKED smart!

  2. Wow, how low she has sunk in less than 20 years.... sad. So much for democracy...

  3. I guess her "innovative experiment" in democracy failed and she just felt that dictatorship and domination by secret-cabal would work better. There were other major figures in history who preferred such methods but since I went to an underfunded public school, I didn't learn all their names.

  4. let's just face it. she was only willing to take input from the block clubs when she could tell the "voiceless people" what their issues were. once the blocks started changing, though, she was no longer willing to walk the talk about people having a say in what happened in their neighborhoods. the only conclusion i can come to is that she simply detests people who have more but who don't fall in line with her version of reality. it is a "you're either with me or against me" mentality and the hate is now palpable.

  5. And the Chicago "flip flop" award goes to...

    Hanoi Helen!

    What a sham!

  6. Even back then, this was a guise to obtain community input. With 9 different zoning committees within the ward, she made it so that the size and scope of the committees would make community input virtually ineffective from the get go. Does anyone know how long this little project lasted?

    Maybe when Helen keeps telling reporters and City Council that she gets community input for her decisions these days, she's harking back to the time those 9 different zoning committees existed.

    No, she hasn't changed any. In the 70's we had Tricky Dickie. In the 80's and now, we have Tricky Helen.

  7. 20 years ago was before she discovered her ward had too many bad apples, making democracy impossible

    dictatorship is unfortunately necessary to defend the state from traitors

  8. For those who don't know, you can double click on the photo of the article to enlarge it enough to read.

  9. This was around the time when block clubs were still a part of O.N.E. Does anyone know when the block clubs were no longer included in O.N.E.? However that happened, it was a big, big mistake.

    How is it possible to have an organization that fights for a diverse community yet does not include the INDIVIDUAL voices of the community? How is it that the wave of local control brought about by the 1960s resulted in increased institutionalization and the loss of local voices? Isn't this precisely the moral argument that these movements were making?