Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Zoning Changes For Sale

As previously posted on Uptown Update, many Uptown residents, including Uptown United, Uptown Chicago Commission and many block clubs, have expressed concern about the proposed Labor Ready location at 4830 North Sheridan. Residents report that Alderman Helen Shiller strongly supports this day labor office.

Could it be a coincidence that the owner of 4830-4 North Sheridan, Slater Realty and Investments, made a $250 campaign contribution to Citizens for Helen Shiller in November 2007? This contribution was made within weeks of the zoning change application.

For those of you who would like to keep track of who donates to our Alderman, we added a handy link entitled "Campaign Contribution Database" off on the right. Towards the bottom of the search fields, enter a name such as "Shiller." You may have to narrow down the results by entering something in the "received date" field. It's hours of endless fun. Try it out! November 2007 was a VERY profitable month for our alderman.


  1. I will say this nice thing about Helen. While other aldermen expect much more money, when she bribes, she always goes for the cheap with the exception being Peter Holsten where she got $10,000.

    Maybe she got the idea to go cheap from all the local prostitutes around Uptown.

  2. don't read too much into the dollar amount, it's a taste, a down-payment, it is the contributor declaring "I am a playa", he knows how to pay respects, more to come

  3. Thanks UU for posting this. We have had many people checking her campaign contributions list and no one came up with anything. This will be a good piece of information to bring along with us for the zoning hearing on Friday, 9 AM in Room 200 of the City Council Chamber (121 N. LaSalle St.)

    This zoning meeting is it, folks. Many, many people have tried to engage her in conversation and to ask her to reconsider. However, she is convinced that Labor Ready is right for Uptown and right for this location.

    Please come and let your voice be heard.

  4. Wonder if she'd listen to us more if we made contributions, as well.

    Methinks dear ol' Helen would be open to the idea of siding with the highest bidder.

  5. No, she won't listen to you. It's about Helen viewing herself as a savior for the poor and nothing else. She will look at this zoning passage as a victory for the homeless and she's their messiah. The fact that this type of business keeps people further trapped in the cycle of poverty means NOTHING to her.

    All those who disagree with her are considered haters of the poor in her eyes. It will get passed because the Zoning Board follows the bidding of the aldermen. That's the unspoken rule that the press pretended to uncover just recently. Everyone already knew it was pay to play.

    In the end, Helen will lie before City Council and say she got community input and she will lie and say her Zoning Committee (which no longer meets) also agreed. City Council and the press will blindly believe her. She lies because she can get away with it and she's gotten away with some pretty bold lies for many years now.

    However, this will later bite her in the a__ and she's too blinded right now to see it.

  6. I forgot to add that everyone should still come to the Zoning meeting this Friday. It will be the bad publicity needed to pressure the press to write an accurate story. Helen is NOT looking forward to this meeting because she gets nauseated at the thought of being viewed as unreasonable and disliked.