Thursday, February 14, 2008

UU Commenter Gets Props

Blog Quote of the Week, News-Star

"I don't think (the Labor Ready) day labor office is a bad idea for the 46th ward, but that close to a Boys & Girls club and an elementary school is a terrible idea.
Maybe there's space near (Ald. Helen) Shiller's office in the McJunkin Building?"

Anonymous comment left on "Uptown Update"


  1. Exactly how many community meetings did Shiller host to find out what residents thought about this idea?

  2. Zero. When she was contacted by residents of the 48th ward---who will be most impacted by this site---our requests were left unanswered.

    She is making irresponsible public policy through zoning and she missed a great opportunity to get the community talking constructively about gaps in job rehabilitation for underserved low-skill workers.

  3. Labor Ready is another one of those we-get-rich-off-of-the-poor agencies. The poor stay poor while Labor Ready rakes in Big-Bucks. No skills, no training, no opportunity.

    What does help people move out of poverty? The Inspiration Cafe gives homeless the chance to learn a skill and provides transitional housing while they learn a trade.

    The Enterprising Kitchen employs women who make the most wonderful aromatherpy products. They left Uptown and moved to Ravenswood to a safer neighborhood and better facility.

    If we really want to get rid of poverty, get rid of places like Labor Ready that feed off the poor.

  4. Well, thanks those of you commenting from the 48th Ward, but we in the heart of the 46th Ward don't need it located across from the Helen's office in the McJunkin building as that places it next to our Grame Stewart public elementary school!

  5. I am sure the person who posted was making a snarky comment---not trying to just move the problem around. The last thing we need is something to divide us.

    Could the person who posted the comment weigh in?

  6. I'm the one who snarked back and I'm sure they didn't mean it that way. But, remember what happened with Carmen Manor? We objected to it there and it got moved right back into the heart of Uptown. Nothing ever leaves for Jeff Park you know!

  7. It was I who left the "comment of the week". I made the comment very off-the-cuff and I guess this should be a lesson for me in speaking hastily.

    Just to clear the record:

    I know that Stewart School is near the McJunkin Building and I would oppose having a day labor office there too for that reason. I said what I did because I don't think Ald. Shiller would actually want a day labor office right next door to her office. She seems happy enough to dump it wherever, as long as it's not near her home or office, despite the opposition of the community.

    I think Labor Ready looks like a business that preys on honest needy people and I do not approve of their alleged business practices.

    The reason I said that I'd support a day labor office somewhere in the 46th ward (and I don't have a suggestion for the best place--there may not be a good one) is because there are a lot of people around here that aren't working, and I think that people should work. I confess that I judge people by their industriousness. I also think that if the government is supporting the poor, that they should be working (assuming they are physically able), even if it's on what some might consider a boondoggle--maybe it's time to bring back the WPA.

    I just feel hosed by my alderman all the time and was venting. Sorry for any confusion.

  8. Local h,

    Thanks for taking the time to write such a forthright response.

    I agree with you. Working is the way that most of us feel useful and involved in the world and connected to other people. I believe that all people feel this way or would feel this way given a chance. The thing that is so disgusting about labor ready is that people will work and work on those assignments but they are just going to be warm bodies or hired hands. For someone who needs to learn skills, build self-esteem, get in the habit of working regularly...there are no guarantees that you won't just get pissed on and kicked in the face. It is disgusting that our local ss agencies would want to feed, cloth, and house these people just to then bring in someone to exploit their condition. They will work and work and work and never be able to rise up without a lot of extra help. In the meantime, they will make a bunch of fat cats some big bucks.