Thursday, February 14, 2008

Uptown Residents Oppose Day Labor Agency

By Lorraine Swanson, Editor

Uptown residents and civic organizations only have one shot to voice their concern about a proposed day labor service at 4830 N. Sheridan Road that sits on the border of the 46th Ward adjacent to the 48th Ward.

The Chicago Zoning Board of Appeals is set to make its final determination at 9 a.m. Feb. 15 at City Hall, on a special-use application submitted by Labor Ready Midwest Inc., a division of Tacoma, Wash.-based TrueBlue Inc., a $348 million company that provides temporary, blue-collar staffing to a variety of industries.

The Uptown Chicago Commission is also encouraging residents to attend Friday's ZBA meeting and voice their concerns.

A majority of those who oppose the location of a Labor Ready office in Uptown said that it does not meet the requirements for a special-use variance.

Residents have expressed concerns that the dozens of workers who are expected to line up daily in front of the Labor Ready office may pose a danger to children who attend two elementary schools and a Boys and Girls Club located across the street on Sheridan Road.

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  1. Alderman Helen Shiller, 46th, supported their proposal to locate one of its branch offices in Uptown. Shiller's office did not return phone calls seeking comment.

    How many times have we read this before? How many times will we have to read it again?

    Remember these instances next time Ald. Shiller talks about how open and honest she is, and has always been, with her constituency.

  2. "Aldermanic courtesy" is hilarious. Fantastic code words coming from the 48th! I'd love to hear the real reason for no comment coming from that office.