Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Take A Gander At These Ganders

And now let's take a little time out to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Case in point, this flock of canadian geese that are currently calling Uptown home.


  1. No, I'm pretty sure those are U.S. Canada geese as opposed to Canadian geese.

    (Just a little bird watcher humor. Ok, we aren't a very funny group.)

  2. U.S. Canada geese = rats with wings

    We need to give them birth control!

  3. Nope. They force Partial Birth Abortions instead.

    Montrose Harbor has egg shakers who put oil on the eggs and shake them so that the eggs won't hatch.

    This fools the geese baby-mamas into sitting home on the eggs until they rot instead of doing the "wild thing" again and having another clutch.

    A local crazy-man who collects golf balls out of the Sydney Marovitz golf course pond takes care of the adults. He reaches into the water near the geese nests with a ball retriever to get every last ball. The geese think he's stealing their eggs and attack him. He whacks them with his clubs. They bite back. I call the police and Animal Control. They call it a draw and send them on their respective merry ways. It's a summer ritual.

  4. I like Canada Gees...they bring life to the otherwise bleakness of winter in the park.

    As far as the poop goes.

    Don't panic,

    It's organic!