Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One Less Vacant Storefront?

A reader alerted us to the fact that a vacant storefront in the high-rise on the corner of Beacon and Wilson has recently covered its windows in brown paper, signaling the fact that work is being done inside. This spot also features a large fenced in outdoor area that could be used for an outdoor seating area of some sort. We are glad to see this building possibly filling another vacant space. The "Express Chicken and Ribs" recently opened and seems to be doing well. We had heard rumors a while back of "Unique So Chique" opening up a chocolate/tea room in this building. Could this be what's going on? We do know that Rob Davis (owner of Unique So Chique) and Robert Emery (owner of Robert Emery Chocolates) are looking for silent investors in upcoming business ventures. If there is anyone who would to become an investor, please call 773-561-0324. In the meantime, we will keep you posted of what is coming to this long vacant storefront.


  1. Bye the way, the "Express Chicken and Ribs" is not half bad - decent food at decent prices. The owner (or at least the main operator) is a nice guy, and the food is pretty good, although not good for my diet, if you know what I mean. Clean, orderly business, good for the block.

  2. Anyone considering investing with Robert Davis may want to know that he has bounced a check for $1400.00 to my company over a year ago and refused to pay it.

    If Mr. Davis would like to make good on his debt he can contact me directly at shannon@rosyrings.com