Thursday, February 21, 2008

News-Star Tells It Like It Is

News-Star, under the editorship of Lorraine Swanson, continues to provide fair and comprehensive coverage of the Labor Ready issues.

In this week's issues, there is a great story about last week's hearing with the Board of Zoning Appeal.

There's also a great editorial about the "new rules" for Chicago aldermen.

Money quote: "When more than 100 people show up at City Hall to oppose an issue, the will of the community should be strongly considered over private interests. Don't ask residents for studies to back up what they are saying. It's a pretty safe bet that they know what's going on in their neighborhood, almost as much as their local alderman."

Will Alderman Shiller listen to the community on this issue? Email her at

(Photo courtesy of News-Star)


  1. This is a brave act on the part of News-Star. Please consider getting a subscription to show your support of a paper that dares to take a risk to tell it like it is.

    Here's my letter that I sent in.
    Our history with Ald. Shiller is that when it comes to zoning changes, she creates the scenario to fit what she wants. As the situation gets played out, those who disagree with her would be labeled divisive, polarizing, and against the poor. And so yet another repeat of this same story, different version, surfaced last week when Labor Ready’s request for a zoning variance came before the Zoning Board of Appeals. When Ald. Shiller unflinchingly made her false claim that she had the support of O.N.E, she didn’t count on them to be so bold as to correct her version of the truth.

    Block clubs can be ignored because they are just residents. Uptown United can be ignored because they promote stronger retail. But O.N.E? This organization that prides itself in being a voice for the voiceless dared not support a decision that Ald. Shiller clearly had already made long ago.

    While Ald. Shiller is applauded by those living outside the ward for being brave to “stay on the hot seat”, many of us who live here are not impressed with her different versions of truth, her lack of transparency, and her inability to help the community find consensus.

  2. excellent letter. i hope you feel the love radiating through your computer screen, james!

    it shouldn't be risky to tell the truth.

  3. she doesn't care about James or anyone else.

    it's a waste of time

  4. great letter james! thank you for sharing it with the boards.

  5. Shiller is now having to learn the difficult lesson that blogs are powerful communication tools. This blog is clearly read by more than a few residents. We now know members of the press, social services, and an elected official or 2 read this as well.

    Thanks again, Uptown Update!

  6. New Rule: NO "not voting"

    oh, sorry

    that's an old rule

  7. I encourage everyone to copy the Mayor on all letters to aldermen. It will certainly make a difference if he sees so many people outraged on an issue.