Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Alert: 8 Year Old Child Approached On Wilson

We just wanted to make you aware that an 8 year old child was approached on the 1300 block of West Wilson, by a black male wearing a black jacket, driving a black van with tinted windows. The driver rolled down his window and told the child to get in his van. This occurred at 8:20am this morning. We just ask you to be aware of this incident and inform your neighbors!

23 District Community Policing
Questions or Concerns?
Call (312) 744-0064


  1. This is normal for Wilson. come on people. Shiller said, you do not like it - Move!!!
    A child's, adult, freak, homeless saftey is not the concern of Uptwon, so Move.

  2. so this is now 2 children who have been approached on their way to school in the morning recently? would love to hear more from CAPS on this issue.

  3. something like this would send a suburban neighborhood into a frenzy. our kids are worth as much too. does anyone know how frequent this kind of thing is around here? the last thing we want to have happen is for a kid to really get abducted or assaulted by a stranger for people to wake up to how kid-safe our community is.

  4. Getting kids for sex has been going on in Uptown for forever. It's just that the for-sale supply is dwindling as the Columbus-Maryville / DCFS facility has phased out, as the police have finally decided it is their duty to patrol the park between Montrose and Lawrence, and as renowned sex industry buildings such as those down on Patterson, Cuyler, and Sheridan have turned condo.

    There are still baby mammas who will sell their kids for money but there are less places to publically stand out and do it. Ther job screening laws got the pimping "volunteers" out of the Park District.

    There have been kids snatched on Wilson Avenue by Joan Arai for all the twenty years I've lived here. It is generational. It have a girlfriend who was snatched and raped walking home from Arai and her nephew was taken from there (but was able to get away) years later.

    This has been Uptown's dirty little secret. In the past the police never acknowleged this and either never wrote it up other than as an incident report or hid the release of the info to the new claiming that they needed to to protect the juvenile. (They were really protecting the unrelated guys who grabbed them).

    It didn't help that our 23rd District Lieutenant (2nd in Command) was caught by U.S. Customs with a home PC loaded with child porn. They traced child porn coming from Singapore to Florida to him. He was the midwest distributor. He was allowed to quietly retire with a full benefits package and no one would release any more info about it.

    The people who really know the dirt on kids getting raped and pimped in the neighborhood work at the Night Ministry but good luck getting them to talk.

  5. Thank you Anon 12:05 for writing your post. Given what I know about child abuse, I suspected all of this but I didn't know the contours and the history of it here. I did know there was a big rape case back in the 70s when a police officer raped an girl who moved here from Appalachia. Between the student radicals and the locals, there was a big protest back then. (I'm not trying to imply that police are the problem now...)

    If you know more that is appropriate for this message board, please post it. Not sure how we could connect if you are willing...?

    In any event, thank you very much for your post.