Friday, January 25, 2008

'Uptown Update' Named One Of Chicago's Best

"Uptown Update" was selected as one of "Chicago Magazine's" best neighborhood blogs in its February 2008 "Nothing But Net" issue. "Uptown Update" was one of the nine blogs selected that showcase neighborhood news and opinion. We were in good company, with other blogs like "Roger's Park Bench." Now back to some more short "squibs."


  1. Congratulations. I've noticed a lot of best blog contests going on this year. Time Out just did one

    Irish Pirate and I are getting shut out of all of them. LOL. I guess they don't like stories of people and dogs shitting.

  2. Craig,

    they would have to create new categories to fit our unique perspectives.

    1. Biggest Pain in the Ass to an alderbeast

    2. Most amusing commenter on a variety of blogs.

    3. Fecal story leaders.

  3. Craig, I think this blog gets attention because it documents such a different story than the "mean-gentrfying-condo-yuppies displace-low-income-poor" narrative that every Uptown event has been crammed into by the Alderman's spin machine for the past 20 years.

    I think people are finally seeing that many of the plans implemented by the Alderman and the city have really harmed those they claim to protect. And, it shows the extent to which the government, including Shiller, working through various city, state, and non-profit agencies take advantage of this neighborhood to benefit the rest of the city or to push profits to favored developers.

    I think Rogers Park has similar problems but it does not have the "save-the-last-liberal" "Saint Helen" alderman who told so many lies that every media outlet bought for so many years. No one is as suprised when Joe Moore is outed as a mess.

  4. Congratulations on the recognition! Uptown Update is one of my favorite blogs.