Thursday, January 17, 2008

Salem's Lot

Parking under L tracks at night can be intimidating enough, but judging from the amount of lights either burnt out or in disrepair in the parking lot under the tracks between the McJunkin building and Truman College, you might want to avoid it. We wonder if the Alderman has taken notice of this since she parks here. Probably not. Just like the burnt out lights under the tracks by the Wilson station that remained that way for an estimated 5 years, it may take someone getting raped, mugged or murdered for those responsible to take notice. That brings us to our next the CTA responsible for lighting this lot even though Aldi customers, folks from Truman, and McJunkin building employees park here?
Either way, it needs to be a priority to get this fixed ASAP. Calling 311 couldn't hurt.

We realize it is hard to imagine how dark this lot is unless you see photos taken at night. Luckily, we received some photos taken by a reader who said, "Here are 2 photos I took on Nov. 24th of the back of Aldi's parking lot, facing Truman College. They were taken at around 6:30pm. You won't be able to see much.... it was too dark. Anyway, can you imagine anyone feeling safe to park their car at Aldi's when they do shopping in the early evening?"
See how many burnt out lights you can spot in the pics. The third pic still illustrates the broken condition of many of the lights. This one is complete with hanging wires.


  1. Truman won't care for long. They are taking the remaining postage stamp of green space left behind the college and building a parking facility and building over it. Currently, Truman is using the Wilson Parking lot in Lincoln Park just East of Lake Shore Drive (by the skate rink and dog beach) and bussing students to/from the campus.

  2. I believe CTA is responsible for ensuring the lights are working. Ironically, this is right behind Ald. Shiller's office.

    A friend of mine who lives in Edgewater told me that when his wife attended Truman College, the students would wait to leave in groups because they felt unsafe after dark. I would have thought the president of Truman College would be working on this as well.

    Perhaps we can bring this up at the next CAPS meeting, but I'm betting just putting the photos up here might be really helpful as well.

  3. Maybe if residents give the security division of Truman College a call at 773-907-4800 they can pass along these concerns to the president of Truman. Wouldn't you think a safe parking lot for their students would be a prime concern?