Sunday, January 27, 2008

No Sign Of The Sign...Or Semitrailer

We were sad to see the trademark of the "Eagle" removed from its exterior, that being the long semitrailer that patrons had to walk through before entering the bar. We also noticed that the garish sign that displayed advertisements on the side of "Man's Country" has been removed. It sure was not installed for long. Perhaps residents complained of the brightness. Also, the site of "Clarks on Clark" is still vacant. We had heard that a new bar would re-open. Does anyone have info on that?


  1. The trailer was removed when the no smoking law went into effect. The plan is for the Eagle to move into the Clarks on Clark space.

  2. Thanks for the info...what will take the place of the current "Eagle" space?

  3. A new steam room for Man's Country? LOL.

    There's a new fish store just a block north, across the street. They could use a UU pr plug.

  4. Is it the same fish store that moved out of the building the bedding store is now in? If so, welcome back!

  5. Are they moving because someone has decided to stop ignoring the zoning violation of too many adult use businesses operating within the same two blocks? The Eagle, Man's Country, Banana Video,

  6. Well actually, I think Craig Gernhardt is correct, partially. The current Eagle space will be expansion space for Manscountry. Many years ago they removed 'The Pit" from the eagle and turned it into more bathhouse space, and they will do the same with the current eagle space. I mean the place is packed every single weekend and at $20 bucks a pop, if he can get a few more rooms in there he'll do it.

    The sign is still sitting in the alley were the trailer once was.

    I really miss the trailer as well, but I understand with the new smoking law it's time was up.

    The Clark's On Clark space is still in dispute with the former occupants last I heard. They still own the liquor license for that location and won't give it up. And they owe Renslow a huge amount of back rent from what I understand. The Eagle bartender, Jim, bought partial or controlling interest in the Eagle sometime last year before IML. I think they would like to be in the new space by IML this year, but that may not happen.