Tuesday, January 1, 2008

NewsFlash: You Live In Andersonville

We expect more from a publication whose home is in the 46th Ward, Sheridan and Broadway to be exact. The "Chicago Free Press" has been falsely identifying Uptown as Andersonville in their GLBT nightspot map section for quite some time now. Many out-of-towners use these maps to find Chicago GLBT clubs and restaurants and are assuming they are in Andersonville, when they are not. Uptown gay locales such as "Crew" and "Big Chicks," are carelessly shown as Andersonville locales. There will surely be an addition to this list when "Wilde Pug," next door to "Crew," opens soon. We find this ironic since "Free Press" endorsed 20 year Uptown Alderman Shiller in the last aldermanic election as a strong supporter of gay rights. We would think that they could take the time to publicize our ward's nightspots in an accurate way and not simply lump them in with Andersonville.
If you would like to contact "Free Press" in regards to this continuing error, you may do so at:
Chicago Free Press
3845 N. Broadway, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60613
or give them a ring at 773-868-0005

Update: In case you missed it, here is the cover story from the December 10 issue of "Red Eye" entitled "There Goes The Gayborhood" by Kyra Kyles.


  1. We at Gay Chicago Magazine have made the same error and I will rectify the matter in the near future.

    We have nothing against Uptown, in-fact, we're a member of the Uptown Chamber and participate in the neighborhood beautification banner program.

    For the record, Uptown hasn't offered a lot of options to the GLBT community in the form of nightlife besides Crew and Big Chicks. And to most folks, Uptown is perceived to be a dangerous area to visit at night.

  2. i hope you'kll be fair and have the same anger toward Realtors (tm), who have marketed parts of Uptown (the offcial community area) as Buena Park, Sheridan Park and Margate Park, with any area without a stronger sense of identity (i.e. the leftovers) labeled as Uptown.

    An example is this map offered by a Realtor, similar to the one offered sold in the Chicago rea, published by Chicago Realtors

    I have also seen real estate at Lawrence & Clark labeled as "Wrigleyville North".

    So "mislabeling" or "creatiive branding" or whatever you want to call it, certainly has been going on in the area for years.

    As you encourage readers to contact Free Press, don't forget to also include, with the same fervor:

    Dream Town Realty, Inc.
    West Loop Office
    849 W. Monroe
    Chicago, IL 60607
    tel - 312.268.8000
    fax - 312.242.1001

    Lincoln Park Office
    1950 N. Sedgwick
    Chicago, IL 60614
    tel - 312.268.8000
    fax - 312.242.1001

    Email - info@dreamtown.com

  3. Oh, and Gay Chicago Magazine doesn't endorse politicians and we don't have a business in the 46th ward. Does that let us off the hook a little?

  4. i think your style & parallel personal political stance with your own alderman has made your a hero here, so i highly doubt people will have a problem.

    Thanks for the honest apology -- you're off myhook, at least :)

    Can you clarify some things for me, as someone who honestly doesn't know.

    Would the gay community consider "Andersonville", in addition or instead of, the previous "ethnic" designation of the area, a name for a very gay friendly/populated area, just like the term Boystown?

    Also, would you consider Andersonville a desination like "Boystown", something that describes an area a little more fluid than the "official" community areas, such that Andersonville could stretch from Uptown to Rogers Park (i.e. the bars on Clark, north of Devon)?

  5. Thanks for holding Chicago Free Press accountable. If the editor had no problem with endorsing Shiller, then it's rather hypocritical of him to hide that this neighborhood of Uptown exists. His endorsement of Shiller was also an endorsement of the unsafe conditions that exist in parts of Uptown.

  6. the alternative press in chicago is in lock step with what ever the the democratic machine tells them to do - so it was no surprise that they endorsed hs - until people take an active interest in what is going on and let the press know that they are wrong or mis guided nothing will change - so please call the folks at free press and tell them that you expect more from them than what the machine tells them to say and think

  7. The funny thing is, in the Free Press, Crew is the only Uptown/Andersonville gay bar not listed on the map. All the other gay establishments are listed, though, all the way up to Rogers Park.
    What's up with that?

  8. The last I checked Crew was going straight. They had Santa there for the kids.

    Does Crew or any of these places really care about the Free Press/Wnidy City times.

    People that aren't familar learn real quick where to go by word of mouth and other souces for GLBT travelers.

  9. I fixed our magazines map issue today. Now Uptown, Edgewater and Rogers Park will be listed.

    While we're commenting on politics and Gay publications, I'd like to inform the Uptown Update readers I've broken from my dad's tradition and will feature four politicians in four weeks leading up to the election. Two of the four are the 7th district democrats Suzanne Elder and Heather Steans.

    I sent out a few identical questions to each of the candidates regarding property taxes, housing, renters, TIF's, lakefront expansion and a couple glbt questions.

    I also asked each candidate to give us a bio about themselves. They both are very informing. So pick up your copy next Tuesday and read what Heather's Profile has to say.

    You read - you decide. Catchy slogan, huh?

  10. Re: "the alternative press in chicago is in lock step with what ever the the democratic machine tells them to do - so it was no surprise that they endorsed hs"

    The Gay press endorsed Helen Shiller even when Helen Shiller and the Gay press, through Rick Garcia, endorsed the Republican Party, and specifica candidates Judy Barr Topinika and jailbird George Ryan, several years ago.

    I don't think the Democratic Machine has much to do with it.

  11. Craig,
    We applaud you for updating the maps at Gay Chicago. Let's hope Free Press follows suit. We will definitely be grabbing a copy next Tuesday to check out the candidate profiles.

  12. rick garcia represents only rick garcia he has no influence on anyone - he is just another hack that found a gig that let's him act like some one is listening - he is sooo - 2006

  13. At least in 1998, Rick Garcia DEFINITELY had some influence...he helped the John Schmidt hate train derail the Democrats in their bid for governor.

    Grcia & Schmidt smeared Glenn Poshard as an anti-gay Nazi. Even though the voting resulted in Poshard coming in first, and noble (and underresourced) Roland Burris second place, third place loser Schmidt left such a smear on Poshard that George Ryan was able to ride that sentiment into the governor's office.

    When Ryan's corruption began to be exposed, we wound up with Blago in office, which also is having scandals brewing...so Garcia's influence is affects us to this day.

    In regards to gay publications..it seems like their support is a "one issue" deal -- gay rights. If you just focus on Shiller's gay rights work , and ignore all else, you have to admit she's been as good as any politician for the gay community.

    Stricly on that issue, it's not a reason to turn against her (Cappleman, though gay & would most likely advance the agenda as well, has had a more generalist record in his work )

    i compare it to the "mainstream" Christian media focusing on a couple of specific issues, and ignoring some of the other ones that would sway other voters toward a different candidate. But in the same way, there are many Christians, who although pro-life (for example), dont vote along the "Christian Right" favored. candidates.

    Jon Trott (of JPUSA) has a blog entitled "Blue Christian on a Red Background" which talks about that difference

  14. I wish you'd have put Jon Trott's name at the top of your comment, JP.

    That would have saved me the time in reading the entire thing.

  15. Irishpirate - Please chime in and tell JP to get lost again!! This guy doesn't seem to get it!

  16. JP will never get lost. He loves condescending to us ignorant folk who don't think how he thinks, or live where he lives. He's a passive/aggressive evangelist to the residents of Uptown.

    Where he used to live, but couldn't handle it.

    As you can tell from his post, he's anti-gay. No wonder his mind remains in FantasyUptown, while his body has moved elsewhere.

    Yet he sneers at us. And won't leave.

  17. JP now lives on the south side. Way south apparently. Chatham perhaps?

    As for asking him to go away it won't work. He is like athlete's foot. Always lurking and waiting to reappear. Or perhaps jock itch would be a better example.

    Ok, just this once.


    get lost! Again.

  18. Yes, IP, you are correct about my home.

    For everyone else, you should really ask Uptown Updater they allow my posts.

    There are a few ways to "get rid of me"

    - don't pounce on people who challenge your views. Definitely respond, but show that you actually respect dissenting voices.

    - show that you care about people that are a part of "Shiller's support base" -- that people who live in section 8 in Uptown or in insitutions or homeless are Uptown residents. SOme of them might actually vote against Shiller!

    - involve more voices, including those COLLEGE students (and high school and young adult) of those who live at places like 4640 N. Sheridan or the Twin Towers

    - show that people such as Jay & Carrie Schwetz or other Uptown Baptist church people are online & active in these communities & blogs (and/or Willow Chicago, Park Community, or New COmmunity Presbyterian, for example)

    The "social justice" aspect of my postings are secondary to that of sharing the Gospel, whether overtly or subtly. Jay & Carrie, for example, share the gospel, but more so with their lifestyle rather than "preaching"

    i am not demanding that you accept what they say, but if i know they are speaking to you on some level, i have no reason to be here. Their day-to-day living out the Good News of Jesus is enough for you, if you desire.

  19. JP,

    your reason for being here is simple. Narcissism and self regard. What you call spreading the good news is simply spreading your own vile self loathing.

    I imagine Uptown was the first place you thought you were "accepted", but you are wrong. You will never be accepted anywhere until you accept yourself. Don't go on about Jesus........he hates you too. Really he does.

    Your self regard and self loathing remind me of the man in the White House. So little to be proud of and so much crowing.

    Now go become the "professional networker" you mentioned on your webpage.

    That is a phrase for professional asshole.

    As for me not publishing your posts on my little read blog. I do it for you JP. Because unlike Jesus I care. Or perhaps not. Perhaps I just want to drive you so crazy your wife leaves you and you end up back in Uptown. Because we miss you JP. We want you back. We want you to be John the Baptist to our sorry community.


  20. Wow, and Lake View sure got small and it is co-named Boys Town. Unreal.

  21. A little birdie told us to expect the map to be updated in upcoming issues of the "Free Press."