Monday, January 28, 2008

More Junk Truck Hi-Jinks

A reader writes in:
"This junk truck is often parked in the 46th Ward on Lawrence in front of the Rest Homeless Shelter and loaded with grocery carts and bikes. On this day, it’s cargo was 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney’s "Ann Sather" sign. The junk peddler lives many blocks north in Mary Ann Smith’s 48th Ward, which does not allow any residential street pickup parking. At that time, the driver could not qualify for a 46th Ward residential B parking permit because he had a commercial use junk truck, did not live in the 46th Ward, and had many outstanding traffic violations. Perhaps Tunney could invite his friend to the 44th Ward and fix things for him."


  1. That sign was actually behind a building on Lawrence in the alley for some time.

    I wondered why it was behind that building if Tunney owned it.

  2. The junkers use certain alleys as their personal workspace to sort out their finds, store extra pieces, and tie down their loads.

    Some of their favorite alleys by Marine are are ones that have strange turnoffs so that they can't be seen such as:
    1. the alley between Lakeside and Lawrence that Y's off at the end going toward either the Rest Shelter or Sheridan.

    2. The alley between Lawrence and Gunnison that exits onto Lawrence just west of the Salvation Army Women's and Children's shelter.

    3. The alley runs under the higrise under near backside of the Jewel at Montrose and Hazel and exits in the Jewel parking lot by the Salvation Army.

  3. I want to know why the black market in shopping carts is allowed in this neighborhood.

  4. If the carts are in good shape, the stores hire people (probably like the truck scavengers) to retrieve them. The store pays them a bounty when they return them.

    I've noticed the newest in homeless chic are orange plastic shopping carts. Are these possibly from the new Aldi?

  5. Or, they could be selling them to homeless people. Or, they could be carting them off for cash to General Iron Industries, the scrap metal dealer located on the river behind Lalo's at 1960 N Clybourn and just north of Smith and Hawkins.

  6. Does anybody know how to contact this guy with the pick up truck, any plate number or location I can contact him I would like to have that sign.

  7. He and his vehicle, along with several other junkers, can be found in the 900 block of Lawrence all the time.

    No way am I posting his name and home address on a public blog.

    Unless you are a cop or city employee you can't access info about him from his license plate number. Besides, his temp plate IL 150k637 expires in February 08. (why do junk trucks always run with temp plates?)

    Note, if he had the required junk peddler's license and had the required signage on the side of his vehicle you would know his name and license number. He did pay his outstanding "No Parking Zone" and "No city sticker" fines during his mid December court hearings.

    Notice the stellar job of police enforcement. The police ticketed him for parking zone and city sticker violations while totally ignoring the junk truck laws, i.e. that he did not display a junk truck permit or proper vehicle signage and was pruohibited from parking on this street.

    I guess the police didn't know he was a junker from the words "Scrap Metal Collector" painted on the side of his truck. Or more likely, they continue to refuse service and simply won't enforce the junk truck laws in Uptown.

  8. but the police will ticket a car that they think is someone would has money - it's called economic profiling - just as bad as racial profiling