Thursday, January 3, 2008

100,000th Blog Visit Milestone

Folks, we had our 100,000th visitor today at "Uptown Update" and we couldn't be more amazed. Who knew this little blog would be a catalyst for a bit of change and maybe even a decent source of news in the 46th Ward? We ask you to continue taking pictures when you are out and about in the neighborhood and keep your ears open for news of things going on in our ward. The more informed we are, the better off we are.


  1. It would be safe to say some of those visits came from the alderman's office.

    Congratulations and here's to another 100,000 more.

  2. It would be safe to say 100 visits doesn't necessarily mean you are changing anything.

    I think most of the visits are from the same people.

    I highly doubt the Alderman's office reads this blog.

  3. Thanks UU, for being a voice of reason in this ward! I disagree with the previous "anonymous" poster that you aren't changing anything.

  4. I highly doubt the Alderman's office reads this blog.
    I know they do.

    You should hear them discussing right in the office what the "bad apples" are talking about.

    Occasionally, someone even answers. It was either here or BPN that Brendon Shiller made a very defensive reply post to something someone had said about him.

    That's why it's so funny when they DON'T acknowledge the existence of these blogs or answer the issues raised.

    Because we KNOW they're reading.

  5. LOL

    Brendan Shiller reads this.

    How do you know it was him posting.

    Did he sign his name? Did follow the IP address back to him.

    You are all too funny thanks for making me laugh this morning.

  6. Brendan Shiller did post on BPN. He identified himself as Brendan Shiller and provided some very specific information to clear up his record on an issue. Someone posted something about him that he felt was erroneous, so he corrected it. I have a feeling that he has since given up on correcting erroneous information, however!

  7. You would think as a smart lawyer he would have someone else post to correct the record.

  8. You'd think a smart lawyer would avoid putting himself into a position where he'd have to make corrections.

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  10. Mazel tov Uptown Update! I love this blog and will continue reading it daily and recommending it to friends and neighbors!

  11. Actually this blog is great.

    As for "anonymous", you know which one, kiss my ample ass.

    I think it is clear based on the lighting issue over on Broadway around 4700 north under the EL that someone is reading this blog who can get things done.

    100,000 visits is great. I would guess you have hundreds of regular readers. Over time it will undoubtedly increase.

    Perhaps a campaign to put homemade "Uptown Update" at signs in windows would help.

    That will make anonymous laugh. That same idiot seems to spend lots of time mocking this blog by posting here. I guess HE is reading it.

  12. I was debating moving to Uptown from Ukrainian Village in July, and finding this blog and, therefore, the impressive amount of socially and community active folks living in Uptown, cemented my decision. Now I'm a proud resident of Sheridan Park in Uptown (4500 N. Malden block) and I visit this blog almost daily. Congratulations and keep it up!

  13. Best wishes to all of you for a beautifully done blog site, snappy writing and darned clever wit. Keep up the great work!

  14. Of course this blog is read by the Alderman's office. It was no coincidence that when a photo that showed the darkness under the Wilson L was posted on this site, it got repaired within a week. This problem had been ignored for many years despite efforts at CAPS to get it addressed.

    Long live this blog!

  15. Thank you UU for this blog - I recognize that there may be some posters who abuse the blog but overall I found it helpful and a source of what is going on in Uptown - I particularly liked the fact that some else feels that the gay press is doing a dis service to uptown by lumping everything as either boys town or andersonville - so again to UU you all rock

  16. JC:

    Is this going to help you win the next time?

  17. It's obvious that all the anonymous postings that try to bait "JC" is coming from the alderbeast's group. Get a life.

  18. "Is this going to help you win the next time?"

    No way. No "real" experience.

    Now, if he can figure out how to keep people excited about a vacant lot for nearly a decade, that'd be a start.

  19. JC:

    Is this going to help you win the next time?

    for the record: I posted this and I am not part of any group but an open minded regular voter and voted for him in the last election.

    But I am kind of turned off by all the Shiller bashing and the appearence of running for the next election 3 years too early.

    I hope someone offers a real alternative to Shiller in the next election with real plans for Uptown.

  20. I guess I'm convinced more than ever that someone from the Alderman's office reads this. I liked what Lorraine Swanson said about blogs being one of the top 10 neighborhood stories in Chicago.

    Regarding experience, I believe ultimately real experience comes from learning from one's mistakes. The real question, then, is this: Has Ald. Shiller learned from her mistakes or does she keep repeating them?

    That's also a challenge to myself as well. What helps me do that is that I surround myself with people who are committed to being honest with me and themselves and who demand integrity from me.

    Will I absolutely run for alderman in 2011? I remain very very open while knowing there could be circumstances that I would not run. My learned experience is that it is not too early to pave the road to the strong possiblity of running again and keeping it "out there" that I remain interested.

    Will blogs help? Well, look at what Obama's doing. I think his answer would be a resounding yes.

  21. "Bad apples" are good apples left to spoil.

    Maybe if she tended her garden with a little more care, her crop wouldn't rot.

  22. "No real experience"?

    Seems Hillary Clinton made the same argument about Obama.

    What experience does one need to be alderman?

    That is a rhetorical question.

  23. IP, the "real" experience anon comment was mine (sorry, forgot to sign).

    Having said that, I was being sarcastic.

    I'm in the JC camp.

  24. Like JP Paulus I took support "JC".

    Jesus Christ.

    Now that was sarcastic.

    As for the people who are turned off by the Shiller bashing, blah blah blah, yet voted for Cappleman I find that unlikely.

    During the campaign lotsa "people" claimed something similar and said the bashing led them to vote for Shiller. What led them to vote for Shiller was their belief in Shiller........nuttin else.

    An idiot writer over at Shillerist claimed to have an open mind. Yea, his mind was as open as the love Hillary Clinton feels for Obama right now.

    Trolls by any other name.......perhaps "blog gnomes"?

    Cappleman seems likely to run again. Preparing for it only makes sense. There are a number of former alderbeasts who were defeated after an opponent ran a second time. Shiller herself ran once before winning in 1987.

    Will Uptown Update help whoever runs against Shiller in 2011? I suspect it will. I also suspect she will run. What the hell else is she gonna do? Teach speech at Northwestern?

    But I kid.

  25. I heard she was going to step aside and run Shiller Green Village and the Mayor was going to appoint one of his people to replace her even before the election.

    Also Obama hasn't won anything yet other than in state that doesn't really matter in the big picture.

  26. R,

    so you support Shiller and now Hillary?


    As for Obama not winning anything except a state that doesn't matter, did you see Bill Clinton last night?

    Forlorn is a word that comes to mind. "Ashen" is a word James Fallows used to describe it.

    The coronation has been cancelled.

  27. I don't support Shiller but I have to work with her because she got elected and da Mayor supports her.

    I am just saying study history the Winners in Iowa are rarely the nomination.

  28. The winners in Iowa often go on to the nomination. They often don't.

    Saying it means little means less.

    It means something.

    Watch Obama romp in New Hampshire and win South Carolina in a landslide.

    They won't matter I guess.

    Until he gets the nomination, which is the likely outcome, the Clintonistas will never surrender.

    Surrender Hillary!

  29. What's the Shiller Green Village? And is there any leg to your claim, or are you just toying with us?

    With proper support and campaigning, a non-Chicago D-Machine candidate might raise some eyebrows (JC, ... *cough*)

    As for Obama, I'm not a supporter by any stretch, but big props for him being the first african-american to win a presidential caucus/primary.

    Iowa, as a litmus test for the general election, is rather important.

    Not conclusive, by any stretch; considering Clenis only came away with 3% in '92.

    Hillary's (unfortunately) not dead yet. She did take one hell of a (well deserved) body blow, last night.

  30. I never cared much about blogs until about 6 months ago when I was Condo shopping. After my girlfriend and myself looked at over 35 condos, we narrowed it down to 1 in Uptown and 1 in Ukrainian Village. I stumbled upon this blog while researching Uptown and how much had it changed since I had lived there over 8 years ago.

    Since then I check the blog several times a day and now use other forums like BPN and Morse Hell Hole. It amazes me how powerful a website can be to a community. Uptown has soooooo much potential.

    Because of blogs like UU, we are more aware of the issues in Uptown. It has given us the ability to share ideas and create a since of community. I am glad to be a part of it.

    I have actually been considering creating my own blog because of UU. Hey, maybe something I post one day will make a difference, or maybe someone will simply share my sick since of humor. That is the beauty of it all.

    Hurray for technology!

  31. Bush better hope Clinton wins so Hillary can do for current Bush what Bill did for Bush 1. Sweeped a whole lot of investigations under the carpet so 1 could retire in peace.

    Also Hillary hasn't come out swinging yet.

    I could be wrong just my opinion it isn't gospel.

  32. Jo, welcome back to Uptown. It ain't the same. It is better and continues to get better.

    As for Hillary coming out swinging it ain't gonna happen. Her whole candidacy is based on having had sex with Bill Clinton at least one time. There is no "there" there. The inevitable has become the unenviable.

    Hell, who hasn't had sex with Bill Clinton? She is done... ...toast.......sayonara.....or perhaps not.

    She won't give up without some nastiness I imagine. It is part of her makeup. Living with Bill Clinton for decades must really warp a personality.

  33. Craigie,

    that portrait of Hillary C is HORRIBLE.

    The Obama one is good.
    Captions for Obama and Clinton photos.

    I posted this yesterday before the caucuses were held.

    I realize the Obamanator is imperfect. Only Jesus and me are perfect. Yet his candidacy brings hope. I can't say that about Hillary Clinton.

  34. So is it true Obama was swon in with the Koran? I just heard that.

  35. They also say Barack Obama didn't hold his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance. Next thing you know, we're going to find out he doesn't wash his hands after peeing.


  36. "Only Jesus and me are perfect."

    The irony makes us chuckle.

    Online Grammar Checker

    Congrats to UU!

    Some day, when we get back off our lazy asses, we will reconstitute our BMD (blog of mass destruction). Maybe there will be another 100,000 visitor celebration.

    Perhaps we will just hang around and do more of nothing until the Helenator announces another aldermanic run to finish her unfinished Wilson Yard business.

    Yes, that sounds easier and less stressful.

    Of course, Helen's business is never finished because she never really does anything. Kind of convenient for her, isn't it?

    Oh No! Did we just piss off another Cappleman supporter due to being mean and divisive? Maybe we really work for Helen, and this is how we win elections for her.

    It's all a cunning stunt.

  37. Jesus and me our perfect.

    Correct the double mistake their and Jesus H. Christ will strike you down and use Paulus JPUS as his instrument of you're demise.


  38. "So is it true Obama was sworn in with the Koran? I just heard that."

    That was Keith Ellison, D-MN.

    Lovely guy, he is. I mean, if you like to hear calls of "Allah Akbar" during campaign celebrations.

    Which there were.