Monday, December 10, 2007

Working Meters Would Be Nice

A reader writes in:
"Why are so many parking meters broken around Uptown? We watched one poor guy rush to his car as a meter maid slapped a ticket on his car by the Starbucks at Broadway and Lawrence last week. He demonstrated that the meter, like many others in Uptown, is broken. The ticket wasn't torn up. He was only given instructions on how to contact a city department to object due to a broken meter. How about getting these things fixed?"


  1. No tickets when you are parked at broken meters would be nicer.

  2. One time my Girlfriend was getting into her car right as the meter expired. A meter maid was standing in front of it just waiting for it to expire. This outstanding public worker started writing her a ticket so my GF got out and was like, what the &^%$. The meter lady put the ticket back in her book and said that she would not give the ticket.

    Two weeks later she got the ticket in the mail. AMAZING! So I guess you have to put a quarter in the meter as you pull away just in case.

    This happened in Uptown.