Monday, December 3, 2007

'Vis Vitae' Rising

Clark Street from Montrose to Ainslie is undergoing incredible change. Between the huge amount of construction and the planned streetscape recently announced by 47th Ward Alderman Gene Schulter, Clark Street will be barely recognizable in another year's time.
The "Vis Vitae" development at Clark and Leland is making some progress. Brick is rising and heating and air conditioning duct work has been added to the retail level of the building. We wonder if the planned Starbucks will occupy the corner section of the building. This project will have a huge presence on this stretch of Clark.


  1. I still cannot believe this building is going to have surface parking lot in FRONT!! I thought the new zoning law only allowed surface parking behind or on the side of buildings, not along the sidewalk. Does anyone know if a zoning varience was granted? Who's Ward is this in? I know Hugh is sometimes not popular on the various boards, but if you read this board, could you please use your skills to find out if a parking lot variance was granted?

    Just think how much more the project would add to the livelyness of this section of Clark if the storefronts were along the sidewalk. These types of projects make me sick in the city. If I could, I would tell every developer/architect with a suburban mindset to keep such types of developments in the suburbs! There is a reason I take refuge from the suburbs and live in the city, to live in a urban environment. Vis Vitae's 20-25 space parking lot right on Clark is going to be a big gap in the continuity of a street that has great potential to be a South Andersonville. Do you think Andersonville's section of Clark would be as fun to walk along in the evening and look into the windows of various businesses if they were set back behind parking lots?

    This building is just another strip mall that happens to have floors of condos above. Mixed use yes, but highly urban it is not.

  2. And incredibly ugly, on top of the "gap" in the urban fabric. Same fake limestone and red brick being used everywhere else....