Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Success! Let There Be Light!

Folks, never doubt that you can make a difference in your community. After an estimated 5 pathetic years of lights being out of service under the El tracks near Broadway and Clifton, the lights are BACK ON! At least one of our readers that we know of ("Ronnie"), notified the CTA of this safety danger. We just got back from the area and from the pic above, you can see the lights are back on. However, we did count 2 lights, one of which has a red arrow pointing at it, that are still not working. We trust the CTA will get these last 2 lights in service as soon as possible. Pat yourselves on the back folks!


  1. Sweet. Good on UU for getting the word out. I submitted a 311 request, as well, after reading a previous post, here.

    Great work. Great site.

  2. Liking the site and liking that there is light there now. I can only imagine what it's like to walk under that every night in the dark like so many of you do.

  3. I personally called 311 three times and advised the Alderman's office once. Have to admit I just gave up.

  4. Just a few years ago, this would have been ignored by the Alderman's office. Actually, it was when we kept getting the run-around from her at our CAPS meetings.

    This spot is less than a few blocks from her office and it's been going on for years. I'm delighted that she's now feeling pressure to respond. I really don't think this would have happened without Uptown Update alerting us to a problem that many of us had stopped addressing due to the many roadblocks thrown our way.

  5. Ron Huberman has also made a big difference in the responsiveness of the CTA in his only 7th months of being at the CTA. I've made other complaints for more than once to the CTA for various thing over and over. Guess what, finally now everything I pointed out to them has been taken care of and even better I got a call back from a manager thanking me for calling. Given how our state has decided to underfund the CTA for years, they have their problems, but I really do think they are trying to do what they can.

  6. The CTA is greatly improved under Huberman. That being said the problems were caused by "da mare" and his slackey Frank Kreusi.

    The CTA is still loaded with politically connected "managers" who do little and get paid lots.

    Also for years the CTA concentrated on big glossy projects instead of the necessary work to maintain what they have.

  7. James,
    I'm very sure nothing has changed and that this problem still was ignored by the alderman. Unfortunately, in this end of the ward, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself and work around the alderman instead of through her.

    Those of us who have been here for 20 years have learned that trick. Unfortunately, after we do all the leg work, she will claim that she did it in her next round of campaign literature. It would be nice if we had an alderman who worked like she talked.