Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Off Target

From today's Sun-Times

OFF TARGET: Online last Wednesday, I reported that the developer of Wilson Yard in Uptown said he'll start construction on the Target store in January. Many in the neighborhood don't believe Target is coming because the retailer has never said so.

After the item was published, I got this in an e-mail from Target Corp. media relations: "At this time, we are very interested in the area and exploring our opportunities. However, to confirm any details or specifics would be premature at this point." I imagine they'll stick with that until the grand opening.


  1. Wouldn't you think that if they are breaking ground in ONE MONTH they would be able to confirm this by now? What gives?

  2. We are told by Shiller that Target is a done deal and we get this message from Target that directly contradicts what she and Holsten have told us. Shame on the press for not pressing her to be more truthful to the public.

    THAT is why there is a lack of trust in this ward.

  3. I feel like this statement they are sending out IS more positive than what they had been saying in the past....

  4. i clarify..what TARGET had been saying in the past...

  5. This does sound fishy, but why would they want to build something w/o a tenant? Is she trying to make the grand-daddy of low income housing units or something?

  6. Don't they still need to clean up the polluted soil at that site before they do anything?

    Regardless, if a huge low-income project goes up, I'll have to seriously consider moving out of the ward. It'd be financial suicide to hang around and let Shiller shit all over people who have jobs.

  7. I agree with sheridanparker -- this is an improvement from Target's perspective. They have flatly denied the project in the past, but now say they are 'very interested' -- sounds a tad promising.

  8. Do we have any other people's experiences with Target openings to compare this to? Are they usually this shady?

  9. Target isn't coming. Do you really think that Target would be a part of a low-income high-rise development in a blighted neighborhood? Do you think that a business as successful as Target is that stupid? Really.

  10. I wonder if it is Targets way of saying "Leave us alone!"

    Seriously, it is a simple answer Yes, or No. Why do politicians and the like try so hard to spin a wool of crap. Obviously, this project has been in the works for years and if a company can not say Yes or No after this amount of time than something is wrong.

    We do have a Yes on a mini Caprini in an area that is already a massive gang problem.

    The problem at Sunnyside and Magnolia is a nightmare and from what I can understand it is all because of 2 apartments in a low income building that shelters gang members. All that mess from only 2 units. Now imagine adding 100+ more units just like it in the same area. I feel sorry for all of us who actually have a stake in this community.

    It is very simple, Condo owner = responsible caretaker of the community. Some Condo owners might be jerks but at least they are not selling crack and shooting at kids.

    It is not the old lady on gov. assistance that is the problem. It is her gangbanging grandson who is. Do you think these kids are on the lease. Hell no, they live with their single moms and grandparents. You can screen all you want, the problem is, the person who is the problem is no where near the screening process.

    What pisses me off is Uptown has so much potential. Close to the lake, several amazing restaurants, historical tree lined side streets, easy access to downtown, 2 famous and active music venues, and yet you can buy crack on almost every single street corner in Uptown. Can these thugs be linked to Condos? NO, they are directly linked to low income housing projects.

    I am deeply sorry for my rant. I had like 3 cups of coffee today and this whole Wilson Yard thing has made me furious. I just don't understand why you would try to improve an area that is a problem with more of what created that problem in the first place. Why can't that area be used for shopping, a mall like the one on Clark and Diversy. Oh yeah, because the alderman and her corrupt partners can't make money off it.

    I am sorry if I sound like I am against the poor, I am not. I just think enough is enough. Obviously there is a problem in Uptown and it has a source. It scares me to know that while one ghetto gets demolished in the city another will get built in Uptown.

  11. When the Target on Peterson was being built there was a huge TARGET COMING SOON sign up.