Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hey, IRS! Lookie Over Here!

We know many of you have notified the IRS in regards to "Jesus People USA's" blatant disregard to tax laws. They still have not removed the plethora of election posters from the past 15 or 20 years that cover their windows on the second floor of their building at 939 W. Wilson which is also home to their planned school. Once again, we ask our readers to FLOOD the IRS with calls demanding an immediate investigation into why a TAX-EXEMPT organization in Uptown is allowed to display political posters.
Here is the exact wording of the law on the IRS website:

Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. The prohibition applies to all campaigns including campaigns at the federal, state and local level.
Violation of this prohibition may result in denial or revocation of tax-exempt status and the imposition of certain excise taxes.

Call 877-829-5500, option 2, then option 4 to report this. Feel free to refer the IRS to the photos sent in to us on Uptown Update of this building.
Also, we are receiving word that we will all have to fill out this form (3949a) and mail it to the address listed on the second page of the .pdf file in Fresno, California. You can fill out the form online, print it out and mail it off. Folks we have talked to said the IRS said the more residents who send these forms in, the more likely action will be taken. It takes 3 minutes to fill out.

Just for old time's sake, we added a photo of 920 W. Wilson, home of JPUSA, proudly displaying a politicial sign. This location was used as a POLLING PLACE on election day. We believe this picture was taken on election day but maybe the photographer can clarify. Either way, big no-no.


  1. Scratch that email addy. Apparently, neither that, nor an of the other addresses I was able to find actually work.

    Go figure.

    Fire up the IRS form and get it out there. If any group deserves to have their tax exemption ripped from them, it's those freaks.

  2. And if JPUSA gets wise and removes the posters, we have lots of evidence to prove what they've been up to. We encourage everyone to fill and the form and mail it off to Fresno ASAP!

  3. i will do this right now!

  4. IANATA (tax accountant), but I wouldn't be surprised if these posters could be construed as support by the actual residents living in the building, rather than of the organization itself.

    I understand UU's hatred of the alderman and JPUSA, but it seems like there may be better things to get worked up over (see the campaign for better lighting by the El stop, for instance).

  5. Uptown Updater - do you have their exact address? The form requires that.

  6. But the building with the political posters is the building next door to the Pollo Loco, and a bit kiddie-corner from the Friendly Towers 920 W. Wilson. We think that address should work but you may mention that location of the building in question.

  7. Doesn't matter if the residents put this up, or not - it's in the window of a tax exempt facility. Done.

    As for campaigning - Shiller is in JPUSA's pocket, or the other way 'round, depending on how you look at it. If not, she should have told them to take the stuff down, by now. It's not as though she's "unaware."

    That fact alone is enough to raise suspicions.

    Anything that can be done to stem, stop and reverse Uptown from becoming a socialist envclave at the expense of law abiding citizens is well worth the effort.

  8. And on TOP of that...this building is being turned into a SCHOOL for JPUSA. Its a double whammy violation!

  9. The form doesn't even require your name and address, so don't be afraid to send this in people. At most this will cost you a stamp.

  10. A little birdie wrote in saying JPUSA is 935-939 W Wilson, but the IRS surely can find them if you put 920 W Wilson. If someone comes across a definitive address for the building in question, let us know. Otherwise we think 920 W. Wilson should suffice.

  11. 920 W Wilson is the residence

    935-939 W Wilson is the commercial building across the street, owned by JPUSA, and is actually part of 931 W. Wilson, according to the Cook COunty Assessor Office.
    It says it is "Not for profit Two or three story building containing part or all retail and/or commercial space "

    The second floor, at least in the past, was the offices for Cornerstone Magazine and Belly Acres T-SHirt company. Both are affliated with JPUSA, but separate. You can check and see if those are non-profits or businesses. If the latter, then they are doing the same thing many businesses have done for Cappleman & Reed.

    The Cook COunty Recorder of Deeds office mentions JPUSA once, but has a couple of Bank Trusts involved in the deeds...so more complications.

    I dare someone to actually speak WITH someone (rather than about or at) someone at JPUSA for clarification.

    Their phone number is 773-561-2450dial "0" and ask for someone in chargeof Administration or finances . Jon Trott's e-mail address is jtrott(at)jpusa.org
    If you get stuck,let me know and i can try to help further.

    If JPUSA wants to be political, they should follow the example of Uptown Chicago Commission -- also a non-profit, but clearly (though perhaps not technically legally) has a political agenda.

  12. So now we are able to confirm that the building in question is 939 W. Wilson if anyone is wondering.

  13. First, you can be a business and still be non-profit. You see it all the time. Just look at the list of organizations that fill the Uptown United roster of members.

    Secondly, there are two types of not-for-profit corporations. 501 (c) 3, and 501 (c) 4. The (c) 3 cannot participate in partisan politics in any way. The (c) 4 can participate, as long as their main activities are community related and not political.

    Instead of having people contact Jon Trott, I'm sure Jon can come on this site and defend himself and his organization if he so chooses. He certainly isn't shy or lacking in opinions about others or himself. Hell, he's as vitriolic as anyone.

  14. "Belly Acres" is still located at 939 Wilson in this building and is OWNED AND OPERATED by JPUSA
    For more info check this link out:
    Belly Acres Designs

  15. We sure they are tax exempt? could not find them on here: http://apps.irs.gov/app/pub78

  16. Perhaps this is a job for Hugh. We had heard that when people called the IRS, they had several "entities" on file for this organization. It may be hard to track down on that particular website.

  17. If I were Jon Trott from Jesus People, I'd be getting a bit nervous right now. Maybe he thinks Jesus will rescue them when they get caught.

    Shame on all of them for blatantly disregarding the law.

  18. Fine,then you suggest to the IRS that the Jesus People are comingling their non-profit and for-profit businesses. That's a big no-no. And, I am a tax accountant.

  19. Wait ... they're putting a school on the first floor of that building?!


    Why does this fact give me a mental image of Jim Jones and a vat of kool aid?

  20. They need to rip all these tax exempt status for religious and charitable organizations.

    They should have to pay something a few percentage points anyway.

  21. The regulations bar nonprofits from "political campaign intervention" and certain "election year activities." But this isn't an election year for Schiller so what's the problem? Am I missing something?

  22. I wouldn't be surprised if these posters could be construed as support by the actual residents living in the building, rather than of the organization itself.

    During the past election season, JPUSA had Shiller posters right on the front entrance to 920 West Wilson. Clearly a violation of both the City of Chicago rules governing polling places, AND IRS rules governing tax-exempt organizations.

    Clearly JPUSA has confused "tax exampt" with "rule exempt."

    My suggestion to whoever in JPUSA who is making these decisions: go back and read Jesus's teaching about giving both the government and God what is owed to each of them. Luke 20:25.

  23. You might want to get to know your neighbors more.

    According to this article on JPUSA, it is a 501-D non-profit corporation

    Some interesting info is found in this article

    What is a 501(d) community? First of all, it is a nonprofit corporation and is subject to much of the same corporate law as other nonprofits. However, the tax situation for 501(d) groups is much different than that for a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

    Much more detail is on this website

    They mention that Many communities operate using several legal entities in an interactive fashion. In many "economically diverse" communities, the land and some buildings and equipment are held in common, while houses, cars, and bank accounts are held privately.

    So the Shelter may be a 501c3, the property is through a 501d, which is a different type.

    Particularly interesting is this paragraph

    501(d) corporations have no restrictions on their political activity -- they can lobby, support candidates, and publish political "propaganda." They may or may not elect to have a formal vow of poverty.

    i would certainly caution JPUSA in how they handle politics, but they aren't the only sinners here.

    There's a lot of assumptions being made about Jesus People without anyone actually talking to them. That should change.

  24. Ah, but there's this:

    If you make a contribution to a 501(d) corporation, it is NOT tax-deductible.

    JPUSA's own website says contributions made to it are tax-deductible.

    Only donations to 501(c) organizations have that particular status.

  25. We think the point is that a church cannot be politically involved.

    If all churches had to do was register themselves a 501 (d) corporations in order to be politically active, they would do so.

  26. "You might want to get to know your neighbors more."

    You, too, JP! Where is it you live again? And why do you keep plaguing us, who are NOT your neighbors, on this and other forums?

  27. Here is an article put out by the Evangelical Covenant Church about not mixing politics and religion -- by the umbrella organization of JPUSA itself. Good, relevant reading folks.
    When Faith And Politics Clash

  28. The question is which organization actually owns the building. According to GuideStar.org, JPUSA itself is a 501(c)(3), NOT a 501(d) organization. Search for "JESUS PEOPLE USA FULL GOSPEL MINISTRY" on their Web site (you probably have to register to do so). Cornerstore is also 501(c)(3). You could argue that some of their businesses are possibly 501(d), but I don't see how...most of their businesses are registered with the Illinois Secretary of State as assumed names of JPUSA, which means they would have the same tax status as JPUSA.

  29. The IRS online search engine

    Search for Charities

    is an excellent resource but please understand this particular database only lists 501(c)(3) "public charities"

    You can easily inquire about the status of other flavors of tax-exempt organizations by calling tool free 1-877-829-5500.

    GuideStar is another excellent resource but please understand they don't have records on EVERY 501(c)(3) let alone every not-for-profit. I'd highly recommend signing up for the free registration to anyone who is interested in understanding our neighborhoods where not-for-profits constitute the local economy.

    Basically, tax-exempt is a status with the federal government (IRS) and being a not-for-profit corporation is a status with the state (SOS & DOR).

  30. If an organization tells you they are one status or another, check it out. An organization's statements about itself are not the authority, the 800 number is.

  31. An interesting observation about jp. When he commits an error in facts, he typically pretends like it never happened and then he goes on and does it again.

  32. Except there has never been a truly definitive answer to Jesus People's tax status.

    Jesus People is complex , with different facets.

    There Jesus People, the church, which meets on Sundays at Arai/Uplift. That would be under the 501-c-3. There is Jesus People, the community, the 501-d which covers the LIVING situation, and details in regards to the income taxes (which are paid to the government -- not exempt). There are the 501 c 3 organizations, like Cornerstone Community Outreach (for the shelter), which are related to JPUSA.

    If you were to have a condo development, you'd probably have an LLC, which would handle all the legal/financial liabilities and such. But in reality, you woul dbe the owner, even though technically it's the LLC.

    Similar to JPUSA, but more complex.

    There is a lot of Anonymous judgment, and lots of time spent on it, but it seems no one is willing to just talk with someone there about it.

  33. JP, you're determined to avoid seeing the forest for the trees. Life with you must not be restful, and I truly feel sorry for your family (who have asked you to not play these silly reindeer games). You are relentless in your quest to be the victim, and you are succeeding! Congratulations!

    There is not a damn thing unclear about this to anyone but you:

    920 W WILSON AVE
    CHICAGO, IL 60640


    This organization is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity. This organization is not required to file an annual return with the IRS. Contributions are deductible, as provided by law.

    If you go to the front of this Uptown Update subject, wow, there's a campaign poster RIGHT ON THE FRONT DOOR of 920 West Wilson, the registered address of this 501(c)(3) charity.

    Everyone in the world, including the IRS, can connect the dots.

    Only JPDonQuixotePaulus is unable to see a violation of the law here.

    Some advice for you (which I'm sure you'll ignore, as you do with everything that gets too real): Get help. Save your marriage.


  34. I agree that sorting out Lott's empire would be a lot of work, and I think it is important to get done before the next election.

    But it's not necessary. You don't have to be a tax expert to file a complaint. I would encourage anyone who is offended by the signs to let the IRS know. Let them sort it out. The goal is to trigger an audit. Enough complaints might do that.

  35. www.exjpusahelp.com has lots of info on Jpusa AND useful info for those who want to get out of Jpusa.