Saturday, December 1, 2007

Coming Soon:

Folks, in an effort to make it a bit easier for residents to pass around our web address, we have purchased the "" domain name and will be porting everything over there soon. We aren't sure if will redirect you to the new address but we will keep you posted. We hope you enjoy the change.
Update: should be working now and our previous address should link you to our new location. Spread the word!


  1. Excellent news. I have a habit of googling your name to get to your web site each time... this will make things much easier.

  2. ask Irishpirate to ask whatTheHelen -- they did it with their blog (until they shut it down)

  3. Yes, JP. We did do that.

    How are you doing? Weathering the storm you always seem to create for yourself?

    You're an amusing little fellow, and you make for great copy.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. What the Helen,

    Why did you erase all of your blogs?

    If your stuff is the truth, why not leave it out there for people to consider for the next election? Why erase it?

    And since you're reading this blog, would you mind at least letting UptownUpdate know how you forwarded your domain, so they can do the same thing (in terms of making the URL simple)?

  5. The now forwards to the address. Crisis averted.

  6. What would be nice, if reasonably possible, would be a list of the most recent comments on the right side of the blog. does that.

    Perhaps that loser WTH knows how to do it. He does seem to know computers and unlike JP he actually lives in Uptown. His wife didn't make him leave.

    JP, you may think that WTH exchanges spit with me in the shower, but we don't. We met once after the election and not before or since. We did meet in Uptown though. You remember Uptown? You used to live here. We still do.

    He with his family and me with my computer and internet porn.

    As I just commented JP you are nutz. You really are. I could call you a self loathing little man who hides behind religion, but wait I already did that.

    In fact you helped me do it by going all "Passion of the Christ" on the blog.

    If anyone wants to see how JP hates whitey, gays, or myriad other things just do a google search on him and make sure you include "groups".

    Or for an abbreviated version just check out the following link from post 11 on. It is almost scary. Like "Creature Features" on WGN back in the 60's and 70's. Except with JP ranting about the "Passion of the Christ".

    Perhaps he should do his own blog "The Passion of JP". Just an idea.

    JP Paulus is nutz

  7. I checked out that link - and oh my God is jp paulus nuts.

    jp paulus, have you ever thought of consulting a therapist? or medication perhaps?

  8. Your wish is our command Pirate. Enjoy.

  9. Damn,

    I'm on a roll.

    Let's see if this works:

    JP: Go away and never commenteth on Uptowneth againeth. So sayeth the Pirate, Messenger of the She God.

    I wouldn't bet it works.

    The list of recent posts should make it easier to see which posts to check out.

    This blog is great. Might come in handy in the coming years. Like in 2011 when we may see a rematch between James "Friar Up" Cappleman versus Helen "I sold my soul to da Mare" Shiller.

    I may bill the election as the "thrilla in vanilla".

  10. it's reading these blogs that make me think i moved into one of the weirdest small town hoods in Chicago when I read the likes of JP and a few others.

    It's crazy if you ask me.

  11. Looks like the "Recent Comments" widget will be a bit slow to update, but we guess its a start.

  12. We made a few changes and it seems to be updating. Comment away.