Thursday, November 15, 2007

That Can't Be Good For Business

This chap was recently seen napping outside the golf store at Leland and Sheridan.


  1. I think he's just lining up a putt.

  2. Does the ParVenu not have a doorman? When I lived in a doorman building, this would NOT have been allowed anywhere near the property.

  3. No they don't. I wish they did. It would make a world of difference on that corner by having eyes on the street level. I also wish they'd install some brigher lights on their side of Leland.

  4. Many of these people are from the 2 R.E.S.T. shelters located blocks away.

    If you build them, they will come.

  5. One thing I wish the local businesses would do is have policies in place on how to deal with these types of situations.

    I was at the drive-through at McD's at Wilson and Broadway a couple months ago, very late at night (after the security guard had left), and there was a very unkempt (probably mentally ill) man pounding on the cars. He was standing just outside the drive-up window, so it was impossible to ignore him or get past him.

    I finally called 911 because I don't give my money to businesses that allow panhandling, and I didn't want to deal with the man's violent behavior.

    When the police showed up and took him away (hopefully to somewhere that could help him), the employee who was stationed at the drive-thru thanked me, because she said she was afraid of him and feared what he might do to her if she asked him to leave the premises.

    I question why McD's would put a shy, unassertive employee on the window during a shift when there's no security guard. Likewise, I wonder why the store in the ParVenu didn't deal with the situation of having the guy passed out on their doorstep.

    Seems to me that local businesses would do much better if they were prepared for these inevitable (for now) situations ahead of time.

  6. What the police did is called a medical transport. Chicago Lake Shore Hospital at 4840 North Marine Drive is where disruptive mentally ill persons from our oolice district and all the districts in Area 3 are transported under a contract with the Chicago Police Department.

    Lake Shore Hospital is located directly across from the Margate dog park. Drive by the building sometime and you will see the police entrance clearly marked in the north driveway.

    The transported person is assessed, stabilized with meds, and discharged (to the sidewalk or park across the street - not to the neighborhood or district where he/she came.)

    As this is considered a medical issue, thus is very hush-hush and very private.

    Here is their link:

  7. Yeah, I know this guy also. I see him lounging in doorways where he obviously doesn't belong. He has never bothered me but is always babbling about something. I've heard his topics of discussion include the dangers of being a police officer, war, and pancakes.

    If he is bothering women I have a real problem with that, and I will start calling the cops. I don't want him in Uptown.

  8. Good luck with the police. Unless he is committing a serious crime, they really don't want to address these kind of issues. You can try calling the Neighborhood Relations officer (Homeless officer link on the Uptown Update home page). Our ranting man has been down on Broadway too and they just let him sleep and rant.

    What's that I hear about our neighborhood having the highest concentration of social services in the city? Fat lot of good that does to those of us who live here.