Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Free Pictures With Santa, Dec. 15, At Crew


  1. something bothers me about Santa in a gay bar.

    I don't think it is really for kids.

  2. We wouldn't consider Crew a "gay bar." You obviously have not checked it out at lunch lately, for example. You can normally see many "prominent" people enjoying the great lunch specials. The food at Crew rocks. We have spotted folks from "Uptown United" there quite often and even Alderman Mary Ann Smith has an appetizer named after her. Its definitely worth checking out.

  3. It's during the day. Probably not going to be too wild. My impression is Crew if more like a sports bar/restaurant than a pick up joint or den of sinful debauchery like "The Manhole" or the Republican National Convention.

    As long as it is sedate and not like this it should be fine. I will have to post something amusing over at the Uptown Avenger later.

    Gay Santa?

    Disclaimer: The IrishPirate is not gay(although he has had many offers) and no homosexual Americans or immigrants were harmed during the writing of this stupid post. Hopefully, some Republicans were.

  4. I am gay the anony that posted the thing about Crew being gay.

    I think men that wear outfits and let little boys and girls sit on their laps are creepy.

  5. Heh ... Irish Pirate forgot about all of the fun at Barney Frank's apartment.


  6. Barney Frank is open about his sexuality. Sure he is a freak, but for real PRE ver SIONS you need someone who is trying to deny or "control" their sexuality. Doesn't matter if it is gay or straight.

    From what I have read(wink wink) female hookers do real well during gatherings of certain "conservative" groups.

    I was downtown years ago at Kitty O'Shea's Irish Bar in the Hilton on Michigan. There was some "evangelical" gathering going on nearby.

    You could sense the sexual tension in the bar. The evangelicals were largely staying at the crummy hotel just south, but were partying at da Hilton. Lotsa wife swapping went on that night I imagine. It was not a pretty crowd. I gotta outta Dodge after a married couple seemed to be trying to pick me up.

    Even a pirate had to live by some code and have some standards.

  7. Good Grief! Next we'll be questioning why Rudolph has been trolling around behing Clarisse's back playing all those reindeer games.

  8. Crew's services is lousy. Has anyone else experienced that?

  9. Well maybe it's not a total gay bar but it is a place that has a drink named Jock Itch. WTF is up with that?

  10. It's a SPORTS BAR! Cocktails often have names with sexual/shocking innuendos. It's nothing new. People, this has nothing to do with the topic at hand. If you do not approve of this locale, then do not patronize it. Many, many residents of Uptown love this place and it has been a boom to that section of Broadway. We appreciate everything they have done. Now, keep on topic folks.

  11. Being Gay I will tell you it is a gay bar. Off topic or not.

    90 percent of their clientel is gay at niight.

  12. You're right about drinks and innuendos. I forgot about Sex on the Beach and Blowjobs.
    Those names could be posted in any bar straight or gay where there are children.

    I like this blog. And I have to say that I like the Lawrence/Broadway area. It's looking much better.

  13. Gay or Straight who $%^#$%% cares, what is important is that Crew is a positive influence on the community. If I had kids I would be thrilled that a local business would go out of their way to do something for the kids.

    You don't see the local gangs sponsoring a Santa day, or a food drive, or anything positive in the community.

    lol, "Free Santa doll and Candy Cane with the purchase of some Crack, Dec 18th at your nearby Uptown gang hang out/corner."

    Seriously, if we had more businesses like Crew that cared about the community, Uptown would have the potential to be amazing, for rich and poor alike.

  14. Crew rocks and it is god!


    What I think is so funny is I support all those places but this hood is so starving for anything they blindly support mediocre establishments.

    Makes me wonder why more places don't move into Uptown.

    O I forgot Jesus People won't let them in.

  15. Wow, Crew is trying to do something for the community. There is nowhere in Uptown where you can get pictures with Santa for kids. There is no charge and it is all about being part of the neighborhood.

    Those of you who think it is inappropriate because Crew is predominately a gay establishment must also think that it is inappropriate for gays to be parents.

    For two years, Crew hosted the 6th grade class of McCutcheon Elementary to a holiday lunch. Approximately 60 students and their teachers got a chance for a nice warm meal during the holidays. I guess that was creepy and inappropriate as well.

  16. I guess you guys are going to bitch about my Gay Chicago Magazine Banners in front of the Uptown Theatre too?

  17. WTF are "Gay Magazine" banners doing in front of the Uptown Theater?

    What about the children?

    What will granny think?

    Is granny going to join the "Jesus Hates Fags" church because of Crew and Gay Chicago Magazine?

    Will Bush invade Iran because some gay bar is hosting a Xmas event for kids?

    Is S A N T A actually S A T A N?

    Are my blues existential?

  18. Anonymouses 1:53pm and 2:31pm we could not agree more! We hope that a few ignorant folks will not detract from the fact that CREW is doing something great for the community. If more businesses did the same thing, can you imagine what a difference it would make?

  19. As a parent of a small child, I have to say that this is wonderful. We usually have to head to Roscoe Village for events like this. Way to go Crew for supporting the community!!!

  20. Who cares really Uptown seems more uptight than LP.

  21. I personally have had nothing but good experiences sitting on men's laps in Crew.

  22. I really don't think Crew expects many, if any, children to show up for this. They are just giving their gay clientele a fun opportunity to relive sitting on Santa's lap!

  23. Yep, I think that was the whole point of the issue raised, but didn't we have fun exploring all the other possibilities? I like this blog too.

  24. No one is saying gay men are peds or child molesters.

    The ponit is Crew is a gay bar so the question is this for the children or the child in adults?

    It's an adult establishment not a place young Children should go.

    And on Saturday's it's predominatley a gay sports bar.

    What is Crews real audience?

    Crew's a great place just not for young kids.

  25. To answer your question, the event is for the children in the neighborhood. It is one way Crew can be part of the neighborhood by providing the children in the area the opportunity to have a picture with Santa. If an adult wanted to get their picture too, I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem.

    Some people on this blog have made it such an issue. It is really disheartening. It's called giving back to the community for those of you who are so cynical. Crew isn't charging for the pictures, the hot cocoa or cookies. Given the population of Uptown, not everyone may have the transportation to go to a suburban mall or rely on the CTA to get downtown just to see Santa. The owners of Crew thought this would be a nice thing to do as a member of the neighborhood.

    It is during a generally quiet Saturday afternoon, (after college football season), so the fact that Crew is predominately a "gay sports bar", shouldn't be an issue as far as large, noisy crowds. SCrew is a restaurant and minors are allowed in during the day with parents. There is no law prohibiting that.

    I wonder if some of the posters would have such an issue if this event was at Fat Cat?




  27. Heterophobe!

    I dunno if the last poster was serious or not.

    Seems to be to be much ado about nothing.

    Do gays hate kids?

    Were gays kids at one time?

    Do some gays have kids?

    Is Santa hetero specific?

    Does Santa hate gays?

    Is Santa a closeted Republican?

    Does Santa support Romney and what is the Santa position on Mormonism and Mormonism on Santa?

    Are my blues existential?

    Are they coming to take me away ha ha?

    It's a good thing for the neighborhood. If you don't like it don't take your kids there or don't drink or eat there later.

    Real simple. Perhaps some of you should move.



    An idea is coming to me.


  28. This is all a bit ridiculous, isn't it? To me, CREW is a sports bar that just happens to be gay owned. From what I remember, this is the second year CREW has offered this opportunity to local children. And as far as I know, there wasn't some kind of gay recruitment table set up to indoctrinate the kiddies. Everyone just needs to get over themselves!

  29. Who the hell is anonymous? You write a lot.

    For the record, gay here... now, on to the comments.

    Santa is creepy on his own. A whole bar full of gay men in Santa suits, is just plain weird. What time does that event start? Just curious, not interested or anything.

    Crew is a decent place and nice break from Boystown, but you leave by 11 to be where the action is. Or because you have to use the can if you ate something (ie: everything on the menu) from their deep fryer.

    Andersonville is for old people. I actually like Hamburger Mary's and their Hawaii burger. Upstairs is cool, but when its empty you feel weird sitting up there. The whole fags are moving North thing is a joke, at least for the nightlife that is.

    Are they a sports bar? I dunno. They play some sometimes, but seems more like a marketing ploy.

    Some gays hate kids. Some straights hate kids. Some kids hate kids. Me? I love kids. I want to get a couple, have them mow my lawn, then send them off military school, then college, then reconnect with them when I need my diapers changed.

    No silly, we were never gay as kids. We are not allowed to start recruiting until they're 18, unless you are at Boy Scout camp or live in the South.

    Wow, that was fun. Is this what you kids call MySpace?

  30. We are a gay couple WITH young children in Uptown. With that in mind, this is a nice invitation for all of the families in Uptown, gay or straight. A bar is not a place for children, but this event is for the neighborhood kids who may want to see Santa that day. Leave is up to the parents to decide. If you do not like kids, I would recommend that you not go to Crew for that event.
    I think Crew is being a wonderful neighbor and we are happy they happen to be a gay establishment.

  31. Hey anonymous #32, you should check your facts. A quick look at the Crew menu on their website shows more then 40 items that are not fried. That's 72% of the total items offered. (sorry math geek here that prefers facts to fiction).

    I'm also a sports fan and Crew is definitely a great place to watch sports, not just a marketing ploy like other places.

    Obviously you are just someone who is happy in boystown. No problem with that. Just no need to bash Crew and Andersonville in general with your comments about Mary's and old people.

  32. Math geek, the only fact I need to check is that the fried stuff at Crew makes me poop.

    For the record, I said I liked Hamburger Marys. Good food, cool upstairs, but when its empty, its just a little weird cause its big. But overall, I give Hamburger Marys a thumbs up.

    I guess that was a little harsh on the old people and I like Hop Leaf
    Aville. Great beer selection, cool glasses and corner pub feel.

    I actually like "old" old people, like the wrinkly ones.

  33. Actually Santa at CREW is more altruistic than a Santa at any other store or business that is selling things to kids or thier parents. Since CREW is not selling anything that kids can buy, this event seems to be purely for the reason stated, to give back and to be part of a community during the holidays. I guess that is so rare, it has to be shocking. Mean people so love the internet.


  35. Crews is just doing this because their business is tanking, the service is lousy and the atmosphere is not great either. And the people there aren't that friendly either.

  36. Wow! I am shocked how mean you people can be. Apparently The Grinch HAS Stolen Christmas from Uptown.

  37. No, you have us mistaken with Shiller. Now she's mean. And she the Grinch who stole Christmas, and Wilson Yards, from Uptown Whoville years ago.