Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Alderman Shiller Approves Largest Tax Hike In Chicago History

By Mickey Ciokajlo
Tribune staff reporter

Brushing off a rare show of opposition, Mayor Richard Daley won easy City Council approval Tuesday of a spending and tax plan that will tap into the wallets of just about everyone who lives, works or plays in Chicago.The package, which takes effect Jan. 1, includes the biggest property tax hike of Daley's 18-year tenure as well as higher taxes on beer, wine and liquor, a new 5-cent tax on bottled water and increased water and sewer fees.The most controversial item was the $86 million property tax increase, which passed on a vote of 29-21.
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  1. Did Shiller screw her Lakefront condo owners and multiunit renters again? Two years ago the City Council balanced the budget by eliminating garbage pick-up service for all large multiunit residential buildings. We have to pay private scavenger companies for our garbage removal while people who can afford single family homes and townhouses still get free garbage pickup from the city for their tax dollars.

    And Helen did nothing to speak out against that unequal treatment, even though it affects the vast majority of real estate tax payers in her Ward. That's so.... Helen. Screwing the tax paying condo owners every chance she gets.

  2. Anonymous,

    you are wrong on some of your facts.

    The city has not picked up garbage at building with more than four units for decades.

    You are correct that single family homes, 2-4 flats, and SOME townhomes get their garbage picked up by the city.

  3. I noticed one news report commented that even the "independent" Alderman Shiller voted for the budget. Well, she has voted with Mayor Daley ever since she made a deal with him to get endorsed. Her independent days have been over for many years.

  4. No, I am correct. Even though the city did not pick up from condos and the condos had to make their own scavenger arrangements, those buildings were given a tax reimbursement to recover the cost. Therefore, the city still covered the cost of the garbage pickup service until 2 years ago.

  5. Shiller's votes have always gone to the highest bidder. There has never been a consistent, dicernable policy underlying her voting record. For example, she is supposedly for the poor, yet endorsed Republicans George Ryan and Judy Barr Topinka in year in which their campaign promise was to cut Illinois government benefit programs to the poor. How she has gotten by saying she is a liberal when she is really a political whore is beyond me. Daley's just the highest bidder these days.

  6. Shiller had to vote with Daley or else he would expose her on the Wilson Yard deal.

    We need term limits across the board.

  7. Anonymous you weren't correct. I hate to let "facts" get in the way of your rant. Obviously the fact you have to pay for garbage service pisses you off. Pisses me off too, yet I endeavor to bring light to the darkness by attempting to be correct. I am a joy to behold. Sometimes in the right light I even seem to glow.

    You said: "Two years ago the City Council balanced the budget by eliminating garbage pick-up service for all large multiunit residential buildings". The city didn't eliminate something it wasn't doing two years ago.

    Now as to the condo scavenger reimbursement that is another part of the issue.

    Here is some info I found on the internetz.......GW Bush showed me how.

    I'm not sure how accurate the info is.

    Condo refuse rebate info