Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Why Isn't This Enforced In Uptown?

A reader of "Uptown Update" asked, "Why isn't this enforced?"

According to Title 10, Chapter 8 of the Municipal Code, as amended in February, an effort by Chicago’s city fathers to control litter has now made it unlawful to distribute free "newspapers, periodicals and directories of any kind on any public way or other public place or on the premise of private property in the city in such a manner that it is reasonably foreseeable that such distribution will cause litter."

Ald. Daley assured Inside that the amended legislation was aimed at the litter created by the distribution of fliers, coupons, and menus — not newspapers — and that she didn’t see a need to use this law to limit Inside Publications' distribution in the 43rd Ward. "This has become an issue of education — letting people know that it is wrong to dump unsolicited fliers in our community," said Ald. Flores on Tuesday. "We’re trying to avoid the scenario where there is unsupervised distribution that is open to the elements." Indeed, most of the seven pages in the amended law deals with regulating the distribution of fliers door-to-door… except for one pesky paragraph: Section 10-8-272 that regulates "Distribution of Newspapers, Periodicals and Directories." Ald. Flores says he is the source of the expanded citywide ban. He claims the expanded legislation was his response to his constituents’ complaints over litter created by the distribution of "some newspapers, phone books, menus, fliers, and coupons" in his ward."

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  1. Ah, but this has that old-time gritty New York City look that Shiller loves from her childhood growing up in the Big Apple. And flyers thrown on the street make her little 1960's University of Madison left-wing protestor heart go twitter. It probably brings back fond memories of her pal Slim Coleman and her organization, the Heart of Uptown Coalition, that organized protests in the streets against all condo owners moving into Lakeview/Uptown. And now she pretends that she is our friend and represents our interests. Yeh, right.