Friday, October 12, 2007

What Would Look Great Right Here?

Seen today at Sheridan and Cuyler.


  1. Another blue blinking Chicago Police camera?

  2. An effigy of an alderman?

  3. badboy, assuming you live in the 46th ward, I really hope you voted in the last election, because otherwise your talk is cheap. Now that I think about it, even if you did vote, your talk is still obnoxious, inflammatory and just simply horrible.

  4. Badboy doesn't seem out of line to me. From Wikipedia:

    An effigy is a representation of a person, especially in the form of sculpture.


    A different type of effigy is used in some religious rituals to represent an undesired person or spirit. The effigy is burned as a sign of the participants' shared intent to banish the represented element from their lives. The best known British example is the burning of an effigy made of straw and/or old clothing depicting the 17th century Catholic conspirator, Guy Fawkes.

  5. Seriously, what is "too far" about "badboy"'s post? While Wikipedia is not the best source (I mean, come on, at least use a link to a reputable dictionary site), do you not understand what an effigy is, just from news and reading? It's a protest, period. Sheesh.

  6. badboy has not gone too far. anonymous at 4:48 has.

  7. It's 3:45 in da morning and I have to read about hookers and effigies.

    Now back to the Iraq war news.

  8. The LANGUAGE some of you use! I'm too young/green/uptight to read this blog anymore . . .

  9. Tnanks anon.

    I did not think an effigy was so horrible a thing.

    It's a protest. People who don't like their leadership do it all the time. It's called America.

    Look at what our wonderful local politicians have done and are going to do to us in the future.

    The castrated crowd in Uptown cowers in fear of being tongue lashed by alderman and the mayor. Until someone stands up and tells it like it is, we will all be in the same situation in 2011 that we are in now.