Thursday, October 11, 2007

Still Boarded Up And Going Nowhere

While our poor old Wilson El station has trouble just getting a collapsed roof repaired, vandalism removed, weeds pulled from the roof, and vacant storefronts filled, the CTA announced that is spending $67.2 Million to refurbish the Grand station downtown.


  1. Helen said at the debate last winter that the CTA had promised her money three times previously for a rehab of the Wilson L station, only to have the money pulled from her each time.

    Her job is to demand and secure resources for her ward.

    Unless it has something to do with social services or subsidized housing, you can just forget it.

  2. I don't begrudge Grand/State its sorely needed renovation (no more bubbly floors and draperies of mold? whatever will we do without them?), and I understand the high cost of working on such a hemmed-in station, but one would think stations like Wilson would at least get some attention before someone has a ceiling fall on them, or a board on the platform gives way.

  3. technically, CDOT owns the state street subway and its stations, not the CTA.