Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One Less Vacant Storefront On Broadway

Our thanks to "IrishPirate's" internet sleuthing. He came across some info on a new business coming soon to our blighted stretch of Broadway in the 46th Ward. Brendan Shiller, the Alderman's son, is opening up a real estate office at 4554 N. Broadway. We found a pic of the location on Google maps (our new favorite thing) and its more or less next door to the 46th Ward office. Welcome to the neighborhood!


  1. Came across it while commenting on this story at YoChicago

    I'm outta the country and I can't find hookers so I peruse my favorite websites to waste my little free time. I'm one of those annoying people who needs 8 hours sleep a night. Between sleeping, eating, working and shaving my back I have little other time. The commute is short though. So I have that and total consciousness on my's something.

    There is always something interesting going on in Chicago.

  2. dammmmmit.

    Posted that wrong. The story is here.

    Just go to and find the Lawrence and Broadway story. My brain is not functioning very well.

  3. Christopher,

    trust me on one thing and one thing only. I am NOT that fascinating.


    my ego could use nourishment. It is my belly that is overfed.

    Right now I'm thinking of a donut. "Get in my belly".