Friday, October 5, 2007

New Graffiti Covers Uptown, Call 311 To Report

While out in the neighborhood today, we noticed a definite increase in the amount of graffiti and tagging. The Wilson El station is covered in new tags on the northern side of the building and on each side of the entrance to Popeye's. Ace Hardware has new graffiti covering its Broadway side. Border's has graffiti on the plywood covering one of the broken windows. The Uptown Broadway rehab has graffiti on its green fencing out front. The Riv rehab was also recently tagged on the plywood covered lower-level as well as the dumpster out front for construction debris. All of this in the course of a week.

Folks, we challenge EVERYONE to start calling 311 to report any graffiti you see. Do it while you're out walking your dog, jogging, or just out for a stroll. If you see a broken light, overgrown tree, or more gang tagging, call 311 immediately. It literally takes a couple minutes to report it and they do seem to be prompt on sending people out to repair or clean whatever you may report.


  1. I have noticed a big increase in tagging throughout the city. It seems to have happened in the past few months...curious why all of a sudden.

  2. We reported most of the graffiti we saw today, but it cannot hurt for others to call. We have to fight back by cleaning this up ASAP.

  3. Will they clean private buildlings? The City?

  4. We don't see why not. We've seen them cleaning private buildings before. The lady we spoke with at 311 today said she would send people out to clean it up.

  5. Yes, the city will remove grafitti from private buildings. And in my past experience with them, they have been VERY responsive. As a jaded Chicagoan, I have been repeatedly shocked by how fast and effective Chicago's graffiti busters program has been. Please, anyone and everyone - make the call to 311 whenever you see any grafitti and be as specific as you can in your description and location.

  6. Yes, we agree.
    That also goes for burned out street lights, broken street signage, overgrown trees and so on.

  7. The city absolutely does clean private buildings. I've called 311 for everything from private buildings to private fences to bus stop shelters to stop signs and they've removed graffiti from it all.

    They give precedence to gang or hate-crime graffiti, but they take care of everything.

    A lot of new gang-related graffiti in a particular area is scary. About a month and a half ago, there was a lot of new tagging around Wilson and Hazel. And, of course, two (possibly gang-related) murders a couple weeks later.

  8. Here's a link to the city site on graffiti:

    Shortened to this:

    When talking to 3-1-1, get a report number if possible.

  9. Kids join gangs because they want to feel a sense of belonging to something and they want this respect they get from being intimidating. Calling them names may ease your frustration, but it won't change their behavior. They don't care about your respect. As a matter of fact, they don't want it. They want the respect of their friends. They want the very same thing you wanted as an adolescent. The drug industry is using them and they don't even know it.

    I like the idea of fining the parents for their child's graffiti. I also like the idea of making them clean it up publicly for all their friends to see. Let's see if they feel respect then.

  10. "We need to start referring to these gangs in a derogatory manner. belitlle them rather than gie them respect."

    Yes!!! That will solve the problem!!! Because we all know the one thing keeping gangs around in Uptown is the universal respect they have from people who read this blog.

    Honestly, some of the stupid, useless idiotic shit I read on these boards amazes me. Your comment reminds me of the skit on Saturday Night Live where they try to train dogs with sarcasm, and is likely to be as effective.

    In all seriousness, what will help with the gang situation is for everyone to become more involved. If you see something - anything - that is suspicious, call 911! And give as completete and accurate a description as you can. "Black and wearing a white t-shirt" ain't enough. If you have a problem building in your area, contact the manager/owner (there almost always is a phone number on the building, and if not go straight to the cops). Go to your monthly CAPS meeting and get to know the cops who lead it. In other words, do something BEYOND just posting idiotic comments on a blog.