Monday, October 29, 2007

Azusa Is Going, Going, Almost Gone

If you wanted to get one last glimpse of the Azusa building at Broadway and Montrose, you should do it quick. Today we noticed that a large portion of the building is gone. It also appears that Holsten is selling/salvaging more of the bricks to "Colonial Antiques" in Chicago. There were close to 10 pallets of bricks bundled up for removal.


  1. Does the revenue from the sale of the bricks go to Holsten or back into the TIF?

    I think that's an interesting question to find an answer to.

  2. Um... not a lot there. A drop in the bucket.

    I think it's criminal that yet another old building with beautiful terra cotta has been razed. And if Aldi is any indicator, the monstrosity about to be built on that corner will be bland, cheap, imposing, graceless. This project is so disappointing.

  3. It's just odd that Target is so hush hush about building a store in Uptown, but the Alderman keeps saying one is coming alone.

    Is there a way we could use the Freedom of Information Act to get clarification? Maybe we could FOIA all correspondence among Holsten, Shiller, and Target representatives?

  4. ken moore.

    ray seen.


    well, ken, i don't care if it's a drop in the bucket or not. i want to know where the money from those bricks is going. that drop is probably not small change, either.

    also, i don't think foia will work, as the contracts are between holsten and target, who are private entities. the contract is not with the city.

    another reason this tif process stinks to high heaven.

  5. Perhaps then we can keep pressuring the press to get proof of what's happening there. It's a shame we're at this point.

    Right now, every time the press calls, there's no comment from Shiller's office.