Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why We Love Uptown

Where else can you get views like this of the lake and skyline? Taken on "Montrose Point."


  1. Promontory Point in Hyde Park about 5900 south.

    Well you did ask.

    I always like the view from the north or the south.

    The juxtaposition of sky, water, and man.

    God's Grace and Man's genius.


  2. I've lived in Chicago for 8 years now and just last week took a drive over to Montrose harbor and the roads near the water. It was a beautiful, blue sky, light breeze day. "Spectacular" is even an understatement in describing the beauty of looking out on the water and back at the city.
    Chicago is a special place.
    An actor once said that if Chicago's weather was warmer, we'd have 50 million people living here because it is so beautiful; I'd agree (but thank God for small favors!).