Thursday, September 20, 2007

'Uptown Historical Society' Link Added

Folks, we added a link to the "Uptown Historical Society" which you will find off on the right. You can sign up on the site for e-mail news. There is a lot of great info on the site pertaining to the history of Uptown and many buildings you may pass by everyday. Let's hope there is a meeting soon so we can all learn more about the history of our neighborhood and maybe get more info on some of the historic restorations taking place.


  1. Although their Web site is still floating out there, the Uptown Historical Society has essentially dissolved.

    They haven't filed annual paperwork with the state in years, so their corporation status was revoked in 2004.

    There are rumblings about resurrecting it through another organization, but I haven't heard anything concrete.

  2. That's good to know Annie. We think with all of the restorations going on or slated, this organization is definitely needed. Maybe this will give them some publicity and make them start the society back up.