Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Under The El Tracks, Part Two

How many of you have walked under the El tracks on Broadway near the Wilson stop at night? How many of you have wondered why this seedy location is not well-lit at night? We have wondered for quite some time now. How much would a few well-placed lights under these tracks cost? Why is this not a priority in our ward? To give you an idea of how this area looks at night, check out the day and night comparison above. If you think this area needs more lighting to detract crime and other activities, contact the Alderman's office and let them know how important this is.


  1. I just counted ten streetlights in the picture above. In all there are probably forty. They all worked until the election. None of them work now. It looks like they just need to be connected to power.

  2. Perhaps the lights are out so that the people sleeping along the Ace Harware wall (behind the wrought iron fence) are not disturbed.

    Or so that the prostitutes on that corner aren't seen in too bright a light.

    Or so that the graffiti vandals that frequent Silvia Center's north wall aren't seen.

  3. We think you may be on to something. We wondered the same thing. It seems to be a no-brainer that more lighting=less crime. Someone obviously does not care either way.

  4. Or maybe they want to keep it dimmly lit to hide all those who use the area as their own personal toilet. The stench over there is unbearable.