Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Apparently Tom Sharpe Isn't So 'Sharp'

We can't make this stuff up. Tom Sharpe is uniting "Democats" in the 46th Ward. We couldn't resist adding the new version courtesy of the folks over at "Dear Helen:"

Check it out here:


  1. I have to admit I don't understand whai is the difference between Committeeman and Alderman?

    What do they do the Committeeman.

  2. Did you notice that he's pulling a Shiller and campaigning for himself from the 46th Ward Democratic Committeeman's website? Isn't that illegal?

    His good friend Helen at least had a link from her ward's website to her campaign website which was still against the law, but not as obvious.

  3. Dear Helen:

    I see your friend, Tom Sharpe, is running for 46th ward Democratic committeeman. That, in itself is laughable, because he's just another rubber stamp, party line hack, just like you have become.

    But the funniest thing is that he's running on a "uniting the 46th ward Democrats" theme.

    If he wants to really unite 46th ward Democrats, the first thing he should do is distance himself from you, as you are the most polarizing force 46th ward politics has ever experienced.

    Well, I wish you and Tom the best of luck. With track records like yours and his, you'll need it.



  4. What do they do the Aldermen?

    Helen linked to her campaign web site from the City (taxpayer) funded web site.

    Sharpe's web site is not taxpayer funded.

    What taxpayer funded job does Sharpe hold lately?

  5. It's not illegal.

    It AIN'T a government post.

    It is a "party" post.

    Committeeman is basically the ward representative to various parties. There is also a Republican committeeman. Who the hell that is I have no idea.

  6. Tom "not so Sharpe" lost his building 4250 Marine in the election. It went to Cappleman.

  7. what is Sharpe's day job?

  8. According to this he is/was a managememt analyst for the Forest Preserve District.

    As far as I know he is still there.

  9. in other words, he is a lackey to the machine - since nothing is "managed" - remember this is our tax dollars that is supporting this guy and we should hold him accountable

  10. Does anyone else find it funny that no one associated with him has realized the mistake and done something about it? Good god, you would think they look at their own webpage at least once and spot it.

  11. I was doing this research, and I ran across this old UU post.

    I would like to ask UU readers if they would vote for a republican over Shiller? Just wondering.