Tuesday, September 18, 2007

'Pegasus Players' Signage Added On Wilson

The new "Pegasus Players" sign on Wilson looks nice. We think this will make the theatre a lot more visible to people traveling down Wilson. The sign is not visible when you are heading up Wilson eastbound because of tree growth. We assume this will be trimmed soon.

1 comment:

  1. we stopped going to pegasus a few years back after we were verbally harassed right out side of the front door. When we spoke to the manager of Pegasus she told us that that was part of living in the city and pretty much told us to f... off. We have lived in uptown for over 20 years and are avid theatre goers so we have decided to support other theatre groups such as profiles and national pasttime on broadway.
    My point is I am glad they have put a sign out, but it is also Pegasus and Truman college responsiblity to treat all people with respect and understand quality of life is good for everyone and by ignoring "uncivil" behavior at their front door can costs them. Law abiding and "civil" citizens have rights also -