Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cornerstone Shelter's 'Blood Alley' Dumpster

How safe and sanitary is this folks? This dumpster on Clifton Avenue, aka "Blood Alley," belongs to the Cornerstone Shelter. It sits right on the sidewalk across from where the Uptown resident was shot last week and is an electric compact dumpster. Children are often seen playing on top of it which is an accident waiting to happen. There is a one inch thick layer of slime all around it and its overflowing daily. Why is this dumpster allowed to be on the sidewalk and why is it not being supervised by Cornerstone? If you'd like to contact Cornerstone Shelter to inquire about this, they can be reached at 773-271-8163.
We are also receiving word of some more interesting activities taking place on this bizarre stretch of street. More to come.


  1. This is how Jesus People USA "takes care of" the poor?

    My, their standards are low.

  2. I guess I never thought much about it before, but does zoning allow for a dumpster to be on the front sidewalk?

  3. call Don at Streets and San - he should give them a ticket

    Unless he's been instructed by the alderbeast to ignore such
    "unneighborly" behavior

  4. They share the dumpster with their other huge shelter, which is across the street (Silvia Center). Why can't they put it inside the fence down next to Silvia Center??

  5. Doesn't a dumpster with a powerful compactor function have to be in a cage? Judging by the number of small children running around unsupervised there, this is a horrible tragedy waiting to happen.

  6. This is definitely against code. I smell a ticket in the near future for JPUSA.

  7. City Ordinance for Compactors:

    7-28-225 Duty to Provide Compactors

    It shall be the duty of the owner or occupant of an occupational unit and the owner of a multiple dwelling with five or more living units with a
    waste generation of 50 cubic yards per week, excluding recyclable material collected as part of a recycling program, such as recyclable material
    collected in accordance with 11-5-022, to provide or contract for a refuse compactor and collection service with a minimum of once per week collection, except that a compactor shall not be required
    (I) when there is no suitable location on private property, or
    (ii) for multiple dwellings with 5 or more living units that are only
    accessible by use of a private driveway, or
    (iii) if the occupational unit or multiple dwelling receives refuse collection service a minimum of five times per week. If the department of streets and sanitation determines there is a suitable location on the property, but the owner or his agent does not wish to use the space for
    the compactor, a permit for use of the public way shall be required. If the department of streets and sanitation determines that a compactor may
    not be placed in the public way, the compactor must be placed on the suitable location on private property. The commissioner of streets and
    sanitation shall have the authority to promulgate rules and regulations regarding the definition of suitable location and regarding the exclusion
    of commingled recyclables from the 50 cubic yard weekly refuse amount.

    7-28-235 Location of refuse compactors.

    Refuse compactors receiving alley collection may be placed on the public
    way in accordance with Article XI-B of Chapter 10-28 of this Code and are
    subject to the inspection by the department of health and department of
    streets and sanitation.

  8. PS Clifton is not an alley, its an AVENUE!

  9. Yes First of all, Clifton is an ave. not an alley, These people are homeless, imagine yourselves being homesless no family, 6 kids, single mother or single father working and for whatever reason you lose your place of residence. now multiply that by 200 and you have Sylvia Center and Cornerstone. I hate to stick up for the LAZY apples who live in a Shelter because its FREE but there is more than meets the eye than what you see, Whoever posted the picture....Have you tried to ...I dont know....HELP? Have you gone on "uptown Update" and said hey, how can we help? Lets get volunteers!! no? I didnt think so

  10. The Compater is filled daily so the smashing of all those diapers and waste and garbage sometimes oozes out i have seen it. Oh and I have never seen kids playing on top of the Dumpster, That is a lie. But then again it is easier to complain about the problem than to help now isnt it?

  11. The lot accross the street is owned by the hotel and the cell phone company on the corner of wilson and clifton

  12. ktown26 - I don't think anyone is attacking the people living IN the shelter. The criticism is for the people who get paid to run the shelter and say they HELP the homeless, and yet can't seem to provide a safe, clean environment for them. The most at-risk children, those living in the shelter, are left unsupervised and in squalor. I HAVE seen children playing on the dumpster, and other larger dumpsters that are placed temporarily from time to time on Clifton.

    I think we can help, by holding the people profiting off the homeless accountable.