Sunday, August 26, 2007

Where Am I Located In Uptown?

Name the location of this gargoyle in Uptown.


  1. Now that is a tough one.

    I shall consult a street psychic and git back to you.

  2. Glad to see we have posed a challenge.

  3. Post office on Broadway north of Lawrence?

    Just a guess.

  4. Upon further review...

    Let's try the Uptown Theater. I can't think of any other building that might have gargoyles on the facade in Uptown.

    The only other option that comes to mind is a mausoleum in Graceland or Wunders.

    Hold on a second. I seem to recall there were gargoyles on the building at the corner of Wilson and Sheridan - north east corner. I also recall reading that some of the gargoyles were removed or fell off over the years.

  5. Nope MysteryMan.
    Perhaps there is a better "Alternative" nearby.

  6. Well, that just gives it away.

    There's a gargoyle on that building with the ugly mosaic? I guess that mosaic takes away from what was probably once an interesting building.

    People in Uptown make odd choices for what should and should not be public art and where or where not to display it.

  7. It's not on the building with the mosaic but it is nearby.

  8. It's the large white building on the corner of Sheridan and Lawrence, although the name escapes me now. The detail of it is amazing, if you look closely.