Friday, August 3, 2007

Uptown Lacking Required Fencing?

An "Updater" wrote in informing us of a law that has been phased in over the last 4 years requiring, for example, lots with more than 4 cars to have fencing. This should include the "U-Haul" lot on Broadway and "Dearborn Wholesale Grocers" on Montrose. The "Updater" noted there are many violations in Uptown. Feel free to call the above businesses and let them know of the new law, as if they didn't know, and also the Alderman's office.
Check out the "City of Chicago Landscape Ordinance Booklet" here:


  1. More fencing- neighborhoods always look better with more fencing says Daley.

  2. I used some of this information during our community meeting this week outside of Uhaul. I asked the rep from the alderman's office to follow up on the landscape ordinance and why Uhaul does not have fence all the way around its lot.