Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Under The El Tracks

We spotted this bag full of empty liquor bottles right under the El tracks near Ace Hardware on Broadway. The same spot that is not well-lit at night, has a homeless man living behind a dumpster, reeks of urine, and has a track pillar covered in racists rants that still hasn't been removed. Might we suggest the police patrol this small area a bit more often and maybe the CTA could install more lighting under the tracks here. There is no excuse for this.


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  2. Jack-
    We assume you meant to post your comment under the Riv post? You can copy and paste it over there if you would like.

  3. Another example of Hellen Schiller caring for her constituants.
    Once she gets 5 or 6 votes out of them each season she kicks them to the curb - literally.