Tuesday, August 7, 2007

National Night Out Against Crime

The 23rd Police District held a community rally/petting zoo this evening, starting at the McDonald's at Wilson and Sheridan and ending at Clarendon Park (where an innocent bystander was shot in gang related violence last week - no mention of that tonight.)
Alderman Shiller addresses the crowd about the diversity of the community.
Ronald McDonald followed Alderman Shiller, emphasizing the importance of safety.

Jon Trott, of Jesus People USA, discusses the importance of loving each other.

James Cappleman represented "Uptown Chicago Commission."

Crowds were treated with Buddhist dancers.
Mayor Daley spoke out about diversity and the need to eliminate guns from our streets. A visit from Mayor Daley is one sure way to get the media to visit Uptown!
Kids enjoyed pony rides.

Thanks to Alderman Shiller for attending this important rally against crime!


  1. Have any of these people been seen at any previous anti-crime marches? Besides James Cappleman, that is?

    Seeing Jon Trott, who frequently calls condo owners "haters," talking about unity is both amusing and nauseating.

  2. looked like a hippe fest from the pics.

    Usually the Jesus lovers are really haters of others.

  3. There are 3 boobs in that one photo.

    Can you count them all? It's sort of like "where's Waldo", but different.

  4. Damn, you guys win for the most diverse neighborhood.

    No, not because the Mayor showed up and Helen said it is.

    The fact Ronald McDonald showed up. That says something about how diverse Uptown is. You guys even accept clowns with open arms.

    Rogers Park has nothing on Uptown in the diversity category.

  5. Ronald was in disquise he usually is selling crack on that corner.

    In all seriousness looking at those pictures and Helen why would she even want to our Alderman.

    "What's she thinking?"

  6. Apparently we could use a little less unity in terms of crime.

    Maybe what we need is two parent families. Jobs. A culture that doesn't glorify graffiti and violence. Respect for education and the dignity of work.

    Better pizza.

    What we get is stupid slogans.

    I keep trying to post a link to this. CBS news

  7. Yea I did it. I unified the link.

    Up with hope, down with dope.