Sunday, August 26, 2007

Any Idea What These Are?

The north side of the Riv building at Lawrence and Broadway is now covered in scaffolding. We noticed these yellow "braces" at the top of the building. Any clue as to what they are?

Update: Thanks to "Uptown Update" reader "Shawn," we know have a good idea what these braces will be used for, architectural details known as cornices. See the pic below for an idea. This building will be a stunner when finished.

Update: Today, August 29, we noticed workers installing a copper cornice on the Riv building. Looks great.


  1. It looks like they are going to install a cornice. Nice touch.

  2. Shawn-
    Good call. Upon further inspection we have to agree with you. If it looks anything like the pic we added to this post to illustrate this, we are in for a real treat.

  3. Passed by this building on my way into work this morning. The corncies are actually COPPER! I think it's going to look fantastic when finished. Can't wait to see the windows!

  4. Uptownnewbie-
    We got some pics of it today, we apologize for the glare, as the sun was blazing down at the time. Looks great!