Saturday, July 14, 2007

Would You Like Blight With That?

Jerry Olson needs to be contacted again about the property he has listed at Sheridan and Wilson. This former Burger King site is no longer secure as the weak, chain link fence around the site has been pushed down. The site is overrun with weeds and trash and we came across what appears to be an area in the drive-thru that someone is now calling home but happened to be away at the time. You can contact Jerry Olson at Epic-Savage Realty Partners at 312-961-1011. He should be able to get the ball rolling on getting the property cleaned up and secured. Notifying the Alderman's office couldn't hurt either.


  1. It needs to be torn down. If Shiller was worth anything she would see to it the it's taken over by the city.

  2. Brought this up at the CAPS beat meeting tonight. Cops went over right after meeting and community officer will be in touch to fine owner who is not securing the site

  3. Good to hear asurfc2. Someone needs to be held accountable.