Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What's Being Built Here?

We noticed this parcel of land from the El tracks today, right before exiting at Sheridan southbound. We remember seeing a sign for an auction for this land (at Irving Park and Kenmore) a while back and wonder who actually purchased it and what is being done with it. We are guessing maybe some sort of park? Anyone who lives in this area know? Anyone?


  1. You are right...it's a city garden that is fashioned to look like it's the floorplan of a real house. I believe the purpose of it was to create the sense of an urban garden that also pays tribute to the house that was once there. I heard Tom Tunney discuss the garden at a community meeting a few months ago.

  2. We were thinking it looked like the foundation of a house yet there were no signs of plumbing or electrical so it threw us for a loop. Good to know James. Thanks for the info. Those of you who live in this area will surely enjoy this new addition.

  3. It's right on the curve of the El tracks and a weirdly shaped piece of property. Hard to develop into a viable residence or business.