Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Uptown United to Use 'Asset Mapping'

Asset Mapping. What is it? We wondered what this term meant after reading about it on the "Uptown United" site. This project started in Uptown on July 5 and will continue through August 18. We did a google search and came across the following from a Michigan State University "Best Practice Briefs."

“Community Asset Mapping is a capacity-focused way of redeveloping devastated communities. This positive approach is proposed as a substitute for the traditional deficits focus on a community’s needs and problems. Using problems to formulate human service interventions targets resources to service providers rather than residents, fragments efforts to provide solutions, places reliance on outside resources and outside experts, and leads to a maintenance and survival mentality rather than to community development."

Let's hope the mappers notice the plethora of vacant storefronts on both Wilson and Broadway. This "Full Circle" program was already implemented in Rogers Park over 2 years ago, according to Craig from 'Broken Heart.' We suppose its up to debate whether or not it was successful there and whether it can be successful in Uptown. Check out the comments on this post for more info on what to expect once this study concludes in Uptown. Unfortunately, it appears that Uptown United won't learn anything more from this "mapping" than what the average informed Uptown resident already knows.


  1. "But in the real findings, everyone was in agreement, Morse and Howard are seriously, two scummy looking streets. Too many vacant and boarded up businesses, too many old fliers posted everywhere, too many run down buildings that aren't being taken care of, there is nothing for the children to do or places they can go that are safe, the streets are dirty, they are poorly lit, parking is hard to find, the EL stations are sub-standard and we need more police protection. The grouplist for needs kept going."

    Just replace MORSE and HOWARD with BROADWAY and WILSON. Looks like we could save some time and fix whats obviously broken without sending out mappers to tell us what residents already know.

  2. For your readers. This was when I was just learning how to blog, so it may be a little raw. I've been practicing and I'm getting better.

  3. Craig-
    This Asset Mapping was instituted in Rogers Park well over 2 years ago. Can you see any difference in your neighborhood? It appears to us that this is just a bunch of info on things we already know need fixed in our neighborhood. Do we really need to spend tax dollars on this?

  4. There's no reason to keep wasting time and money on things we already have the answer to.

    It's just another way for Shiller and her cronies to slow retail development.

    Several years ago a study was done that said the area is blighted, we need vibrant retail, and groups that don't get along need to come together to get things accomplished.

    Now Shiller would like another study that is slanted in her favor.

  5. Sorry, at this point, you guys can't stop it. It's a lock and you're going to get another study.

    Just hope one of these out-of-the-neighborhood, college interns don't wind up on the SSA #34 pay roll. Then, you're screwed.