Monday, July 30, 2007

Rehab Roundup

We came across several rehabs in the neighborhood. The first one is at Sunnyside and Clifton. We are not sure if this rehab is for rentals or condos, perhaps someone who lives nearby has info on this. There is an interesting flag draped over the back porch on the left. We wonder who could live there.
This next rehab is at Magnolia and Sunnyside. The building has been restored to its former glory. The detail on the building is beautiful with turquoise terracotta lining the top near the roof.
This last building is on the 4600 block of Dover at Wilson. Again, we are not sure if this building is being gutted for rentals or condos. The building is enormous and used to feature a huge garden in the front lawn. That has since been removed, and an underground sprinkler system added. Workers have been seen most everyday in the building. If you have info on this building, feel free to add it in the comments.


  1. I dinny live dere. Either an admirer or a gang banger with a pirate theme.

  2. I think the one on Clifton is a rehab courtesy of the Wilson Yard TIF. It ain't for condos.

    The one that you mention on Racine I think is actually on Magnolia, opposite the Sunnyside Magnolia Mall.

    Others? I have no clue.

  3. You are right Mystery Man. Our bad. We will change the address.

  4. The rehab taking place across from the Happy Wash - at 4600 Dover is going to be condos. We've talked with doznes of ejected apt renter who got the boot thos Summer. Almost all residents were kicked out and rehab started in June. They butchered the garden there but assure us that they will bring it back - with stone paths and several working fountains. Living close enough to feel the dust from the work - I can attest that the rehab so far is top nothc but the developers from Mich. are scum. Theyve treated the renter like trash and even the local condo owners are bullied frequently. HGTV is covering the rehab - with cameras, mics, producers, makeup artsist etc - It is supposed to cover sevreal episodes this fall when it airs on HGTV.

  5. How have the developers been treating the neighbors badly? Are they failing to control dust or working at strange hours?

    There are a lot of shifty developers out there, but you can hold them accountable by calling 311 on them. Believe me, the building department is more than willing to issue fines whenever they can... It's a big revenue stream for them.

  6. Please Scroll-
    Thanks for the info. We did see a camera crew there one day and wondered what was going on. It all makes sense now. We saw them adding bricks and concrete to the front lawn where the stone paths and fountains must be going. If you hear of when the episode on HGTV is too air, let us know.