Monday, July 9, 2007

New Banner Designs Released


  1. I like all but #1.

    I've sponsored a last banner for my business in the late 90's, I really like the designs they had then.

    Uptown does a good job with their banner design program.

    But #1, it doesn't do anything for me.

  2. And to their credit, the banner outlasted my business.

  3. If only the Wilson station actually looked like "the station".

  4. WHat's wrong, in your opinion, Craig of banner #1? What could be done to make it better, or more effective in relaying that aspect of Uptown?

  5. People don't want to read in 13 different languages on a banner - 'Welcome to the Neighborhood' by a shadowy figure - that's what blogs are for.

  6. The design committee really wanted to relay certain key aspects about Uptown: its unique history, the entertainment opportunities, and the diversity.

    Diversity, in particular, was chosen because it truly is one of our strengths. There are not a lot of neighborhoods in Chicago quite like ours. It's also not an easy theme for a single image.

    The languages for the banner were chosen based on city statistics--those are the largest language groups in Uptown.

    A silhouette figure was used to represent all people, rather than pick a figure from a single group.

    It's not going to work for everyone, obviously, but it's actually one of my favorites.

  7. What do other Uptowners think of Craig's comments?

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  9. Before I get accused of being a condo owner or hating Uptown (neither of which are true), I just want to say I have no ulterior motives with my comments on the banners.

    That said, I can't say I'm a fan of any of them.

    The Uptown Theater and Aragon/Riv/Green Mill ones aren't bad, but I'm not a big fan of the cartoony style drawing on the banners and I really dislike the font chosen for the word UPTOWN at the top. It all just looks cheap to me.

    I like the idea behind the languages one, but I think too much is going on in the design, and so it just looks messy/confused.

    The Wilson El one would be nice if the station actually looked like that... Or heck, even if there wasn't always litter on the sidewalk. It's just too far removed from reality to represent the neighborhood.

    And finally, the Argyle one looks like a terrible joke. Once again, too much is going on with the design so it's just not cohesive.

  10. It's not going to please everyone. That is why there are various banners.

    I don't particularly like number one and others will like it.

    What I hope we can all agree on is that the banners will be a small improvement and are a good thing.

  11. Craig,

    (comment deleted had Craig noting that this wasn't about his views). My response wasn't really about you as much as the Uptown bloggers, commenters & message board posters.

    They justify their attacks on me because i don't live in the neighborhood, but i believe it's because i don't tow the party line. The general lack of response to your comments, i feel, justifies that belief.

    i personally think the multicultural banner is fine, but i really do respect yours & IrishPirate's thoughts that it may not be the best visual representation of diversity, and i think it's worth discussing and seeing if there's a middle ground.

    i'm sure i can understand (and maybe even agree) your view if you gave some details, and some alternatives.

  12. JP,

    people attack you for all kinds of reasons.

    1. You post as a passive aggressive annoying shithead who seldom gives his own views, but is constantly trying to demonstrate through insipid questions that his views are superior. Your non comment to the question asked of you at Gapers Block "Revenge of the Second City" is a recent example.

    2. You don't live in Uptown anymore. You live in Rogers Park. It is clear that you feel you were "forced" out of Uptown by condo prices, but perhaps if you had spent some time working a second job you could have afforded to stay here and dazzle us with your brilliance.

    3. Spend some time working to improve your new neighborhood. Rogers Park is a great community but as the recent goonings show they certainly have more than their share of problems. Your child is being raised there. You may want to spend some time thinking about the problems there than about the old neighborhood you left behind.