Thursday, July 26, 2007

Loiterer's Paradise, Part Two

These photos were sent in by an "Updater." The photos clearly show the loitering taking place across from the World Gym on the northside of Montrose. If you think that "Dearborn Wholesale Grocers" should be held responsible for the activity taking place in their parking lot, give them a call at 773-728-7500.


  1. So who's lot is that anyway? When I go to the gym at 5:00a that lot has at least 8 people in a full on shanty town just sleeping there.
    I mean tarps, carts, sleeping bags, the whole deal.

  2. Come on people have some compassion they need a place to sleep too.
    Glad they aren't on my block!

  3. Too bad there are no shelters for them to sleep at, or social services agencies to help them change their lives, anywhere in the area.

    ...... d'oh!

  4. I have always understood they won't go to shelters because shelters require certain things of them. I wish they would go camp out in front of Shiller's house. Do you suppose for a bus ride to her house and 10 bucks a piece they would do it?